Reports from the Bridge

Sep 2015

Is this a great club or what? The Grand 14 Cruise in exceeded my wildest expectations. The visiting 80 officers and spouses of the Grand 14 were truly impressed with the club appearance, remodel and facilities. Once again our guests felt like they were spending a few days at an exclusive resort. I thank VC Dan and Rose Saikkonen and RC John and Nina Burwell for their very considerable efforts to make the weekend such a success.

Another successful note was our Youth Sailing Program. PC Mike Dunn and Capt Sam Throm perform a worthwhile if not noble service with this effort. Last year we had about 25 youth graduates and this year it was 39. These young folks get a tremendous introduction to maritime and waterfront activities because of the BYC initiative. Speaking to my Meydenbauer YC counterpart he says they graduated 400 students this year in their sailing program. We will look for ways to increase the visibility of our own very well run program.

The Annual Pig Roast was a huge success. As I recounted at the Roast, at our June Picnic in the Park we had 110 attend, in July we had 134 and at the Roast, PC Park said we had well over 150. The attendance and enthusiasm is wonderful to observe and again my thanks to the previous chairs, Angelina Zimmerman and Scott Miller, Jan and Dave Cordodor, and PC Don and Donna Park. The pig roast was not without its excitement. I received a call from Donna Park at 0615 Sunday morning who said that the pig caught fire, the pig was a total loss, the trees caught fire, but the good news was the Fire Dept put out the fire. Yikes. Well, 20 minutes later Donna called me back with plan B which was to put the pig in the oven and bake it. Nice work! All in a day at BYC.

At this writing we have 30 boats signed up for Oro Bay with power available for two more boats. Stacy Longenecker, out incomparable and lovely Fleet Captain has some great meals and activities planned for the Labor Day weekend. Again this is a great turnout.

Keep September 20th open on your calendar for our Annual Salmon Bake. Capt Don Sherwood has a great crew lined up for this always favorite event.

It is hard to describe the pride I feel in this club but it is real and palpable. We are truly admired by many in the Puget Sound and I thank the membership for their genuine friendliness and welcoming attitude. Part of my responsibility is to ensure that we develop and maintain a strong bridge/E-comm team. Our bridge is tasked with cultivating a deep and strong bench of future bridge/E-comm members. Do not be surprised if, through our term, you are asked to consider your future in our club. I am blessed with a very strong and effective bridge and E-committee and want to see that continue. If you are asked to consider your future in the club, take it as a compliment in our confidence of your talents, skills and leadership potential.

Finally, this summer, it has been so nice to see so many cars in the parking lot and so few boats in their slips. My grandfather would be pleased that you are “knocking some grass off the hull.”

Nautical Trivia: Splice the Main Brace - A sailing ship's rigging was a favorite target during sea battles since by destroying the opponent's ability to maneuver or get away would put you at obvious advantage. Therefore, the first thing tended to after a battle was to repair broken gear, and repair sheets (sails) and braces (lines - improperly, ropes - passing through blocks and holding up sails.) It was the custom, after the main braces were properly spliced, to serve grog to the entire crew. Thus, today, after a hard day (or, not so hard day,) the phrase has become an invitation to have a drink.

Mike Murray