Reports from the Bridge

Aug 2015

Each month seems to go by faster and faster. Here we are for the August issue. What a turnout for the July 15th picnic in the park. There were 134 attendees not including children and committee. The BBQ chicken was fantastic as were all the side dishes and desserts. Thanks so much to the Committee Chair Jan Cordordor. Great work.

Our club plays host to the officers of the Grand-14 Yacht Club of Puget Sound August 7-9. This event kicks off the year for the Commodores, Vice Commodores, and Rear Commodores and their spouses or significant others. So we host up to 84 folks. We know that we will have about 35 guest boats to moor as well. On the moorage issue please inform Jim Minard, our Float Committee Chair, if your slip or shed will be available that weekend. Also, since we will be mooring boats between A and B strings and B and C strings, if you haven't moved your boat out from under cover or your shed it will be blocked in from noon Friday to noon Sunday. Our club really shines on this occasion. One of my counter parts, as I have mentioned before, loves coming to BYC because he feels as though he is coming to a resort. This is quite the compliment and reflects well on our facilities and on our members.

It is also not too early to mark your calendar for the Oro Bay Labor Day Cruise September 4-7, 2015. Stacy Longenecker has great plans for that weekend. Be there and enjoy the fun.

Work will start on our new septic system install after the August Officers Cruise in. Some trees have already been felled to make way for the install.

As an aside, when strolling the docks the night of July 4th as our family and guests prepared to get underway to watch the Port Orchard fireworks, I noted two things. One, there were so many cars in the parking lot I wondered what the occasion was, rarely seeing that many cars in the parking lot so late at night. And two, I had never seen so many empty slips. That meant members were out using their boats and that is a very good thing. We have too much invested in our boats not to use them. So, continue to get those boats underway and knock some grass off the hull.

Nautical Trivia: S.O.S. - Contrary to popular notion, the letters S.O.S. do not stand for "Save Our Ship" or "Save Our Souls." They were selected to indicate a distress because, in Morse code, these letters and their combination create an unmistakable sound pattern. S ···   O –––   S ···

Mike Murray