Reports from the Bridge

May 2016

Ahoy shipmates. May will prove to be a busy month so first some calendar events.

May 1 Mother's Day Luncheon

May 2 Regular Business meeting, Officer elections and budget approval

May 6-8 Seattle Yacht Club Opening Day

May 9 Executive Committee Meeting

May 13 Awards Night

May 14 Last chance work party

May 16 Regular Business Meeting

May 19 Change of Watch Rehearsal

May 20 Change of Watch

May 21 Gig Harbor Commodore Ball

May 27-30 Club Cruise to Quartermaster Harbor

There is certainly something for any and all members. So what to say for my last Towline article? This experience of going through the "chairs" is one that Ruth and I cherish. By doing so we became very good friends with many more members of the club than we would have otherwise. The three years of working with the bridge, Executive committee, numerous committees and our active members have given us many new friends and deepened existing friendships. I also learned that the members who volunteer their time and energy have the best interest of the club at heart. The sometimes intense discussions at the Executive Committee meetings only reflects the passion those members have for striving to "get it right".

Another great joy of going through the chairs is the absolute responsibility and honor to represent Bremerton Yacht Club to the other thirteen members of the Grand 14. At each Junior Officer Ball and Commodore Ball the Bremerton Yacht Club Commodore and spouse are always introduced first. Every time we were introduced I was extraordinarily proud of our club and the always lovely Ruth, ever by my side. Again, by going through the chairs we became familiar not only with the officers of thirteen other clubs but their facilities as well and that is a great cruising benefit. Those other club officers also become part of an extended family.

I would be remiss if I did not mention the contributions of two extremely talented and dedicated individuals who supported me during this wonderful three years. This is not to slight the tremendous support given to me by the bridge Vice Commodore Dan Sailkkonen and Rear Commodore John Burwell, the elective officers and their spouses and the Past Commodores but these two deserve special mention. The first is our Executive Committee Chairman, Bill Harris. As the then Rear Commodore and the then Ist year chair, we understood we would be working together for three years. The three years with Bill deepened my already profound trust in his judgement, wisdom and delightful persona. He has the unique talent to wield a firm but friendly gavel and is an enormous asset to the club. And, again, the fact that he knows everybody in Washington and that everybody he knows likes him is a huge benefit to the club. Bill, thank you.

The other individual who has supported me for 37 years is the always lovely, always working, my always everything, my wife Ruth. If any success is attributed to my tenure on the bridge it is because I did what she told me to do. I can not count the number of times she would say don’t forget this and remember to do that and no that’s not how it is done. For Ruth, this is what she did for me during 16 Navy moves, raising four children alone while I was  years at sea, commuting to Seattle or Everett on a daily basis while working in the maritime industry or commuting to and from Coos Bay, Oregon while working there. She is the complete helpmate and truly a match made in heaven. Ruth, thank you.

I am so honored, so proud to have served you as your Commodore 2015-2016. I leave you with two final thoughts. The first, as my grandfather would say, "Get the boat out and knock some grass off the hull".  And the last, "is this a great club or what".

Thank you, Bremerton Yacht Club.