Reports from the Bridge

Nov 2014

A bit of old news. The Salmon Bake was a real success with 89 attendees. Thanks to Don Sherwood as committee chair with the able assistance of Jan Cordodor, Abbey Dunn, Cliff and Sharon Lillybridge, Don Floyd, Ray Gorski, Mike Harrington, Rod Loudin, Mona-Lisa Ryan, Jerry Lindberg and JD Weiner who designed the neat flyer. Again thanks and well done. This year’s Oktoberfest was extraordinarily well received with 115 meals served. Special thanks to the Wheelers, the Floyds, the Robinsons, Jo Carr, the Randalls, the Krummes, Paula Murphy, Marty Morken, Rick Walker, Rose Saikkonen, and John Watson and Charmaine Motley. And the Junior Officer Ball, James Bond theme was also terrific. The club was decorated accordingly and celebrated 50 years of Bond movies. Yikes, I can remember when “Goldfinger” and “Thunderball” were new movies. Thanks to the 50 officers of the Grand 14 yacht clubs and the 12 BYC members that attended. A big thanks to the Adairs, Jan Cordodor, Tammy Fransen, Al, Dave, and Jeannine Gonzalez, the Harris’, the Lewis’, Jean Muenzenberger, Kevin Piasni, Sylvia Wilson, the Bruins, PC Ryan and new members Buzz Priestley, Scott and Debbie Sengstock, John Watson and Charmaine Motley, Cathryn Rice and Bob White, and Phil and Susan LeBas. Susan LeBas did a wonderful job coordinating the entire affair. Our Rear Commodore Dan Saikkonen and Rose plus my wife Ruth also put in much time and effort to pull this off so well. For the JO Ball Friday night dinner we had it in the Picnic Shelter. With the curtains down, the fireplace lit, and propane heaters loaned by RC Saikkonen, the ambience was magical. It is truly the favorite of the Grand 14 and a great tribute to our club’s industriousness and the vision of the late Jerry Sengstock.

For upcoming events check out the Halloween Cruise all the way to Brownsville October 31 to November 2.

Saturday, November 8, 2014 we have a combined New Member’s night combined with a Capt Ron Party. New members are free…woo hoo, what a deal.

It is also not too soon to be aware of our slate of November December events that I will list below.

  • October 31 to November 2 - Halloween cruise to Brownsville
  • November 8 - New Member’s Night and Capt Ron Party
  • December 5 - Children’s Christmas Party
  • December 7 - Special People’s Cruise
  • December 14 - BYC Christmas Dinner
  • December 19 and 20 - Lighted Boat Parade (last year we had 14 boats, let’s have 28 this year)
  • December 31 - New Year’s Eve Party at Poulsbo YC

All of these events are wonderful and special but they do not happen in a vacuum. If you get asked to help with one of these events cheerfully step forward. Better yet, don’t wait to be asked but ask any of the Bridge Officers that you want to chair or help with an event. A close reading of the first paragraph of the committee members listed reveals quite a bit of overlap among them. With a combined attendance of 216 members for the last three events I’m sure there are some members that can help with the heavy holiday/Christmas events. I was very pleased with the turnout of new members that helped with the JO Ball.

Our tried and true BYC “Annual” chair announced that the 2015/2016 annual will be her last. Leslie Hunt has done a fabulous job for years and we owe her a debt of gratitude for her tireless and cheerful efforts. Leslie, “Well done”. She would like to have an understudy this year to learn the ropes and she has developed an extensive calendar and checklist to help with the annual and transition. Please contact me with your interest to take on this crucial function.

Nautical Trivia: Galley - The galley is the kitchen of the ship. The best explanation as to its origin is that it is a corruption of "gallery." Ancient sailors cooked their meals on a brick or stone gallery laid amidships.

Mike Murray