Reports from the Bridge

Oct 2014

I can't believe it has been five months since our Change of Watch and Installation of Officers. The summer was exceptional and we had an absolutely outstanding series of Picnics in the Park, played host to Queen City Yacht Club, hosted the Grand 14 officers, and Ruth and I attended the Rainier Yacht Club Junior Officer Ball. Our first regular business meeting was packed with votes and discussions. The meeting finished with a moving documentary on the "9/11 Boat Lift" narrated by Tom Hanks. The relevant and outstanding fact is this. The famous evacuation of Dunkirk in 1940 moved 330,000 British and French Troops in nine days. Our own 9/11 Boat lift evacuated over 500,000 citizens from Manhattan in nine hours. What a truly bright and shining moment for ordinary Americans who did extraordinary things on a singularly horrific day.

By the time you read this the Salmon Bake will be recorded as a success in the annuals of Bremerton Yacht Club.

Upcoming events include the ever popular Oktoberfest chaired for the 14th year by PC Bob and Jytte Wheeler. Look for it Friday October 3rd.

Now, a very special once every two year event occurs October 11th and that is the Bremerton Yacht Club Junior Officer Ball. The theme is James Bond and it is a costume ball so come as any one of your favorite heroes or villains of the 50 years of James Bond. And, even though this is billed as the Junior Officer Ball all member are invited to attend. There is a happy hour starting at 6PM dinner at 7PM, and dancing to the music of the Dream Chasers from 8-11:30 pm. The cost is $25/person or $50/couple.

Again, referring back to our first business meeting the depth and breadth of the various E-Committee reports was extraordinarily detailed. Mind you, those reports, as detailed as they are represent just the tip of the iceberg. The September E-committee meeting was 3.5 hours long and many items were discussed at great length but again that represented the tireless work of the various E-committee chairs and associated committees. I am impressed by the talent and energy that all those who make up the E committee donate to our club. If you truly want to witness or participate in the club's business attend one of the once a month E-committee meetings. You will be the beneficiary for attending.

Nautical Trivia Forecastle - The appropriate pronunciation for this word is fo'ksul. The forecastle is the forward part of the main deck. It derives its name from the days of Viking galleys when wooden castles were built on the forward and after parts the main deck from which archers and other fighting men could shoot arrows and throw spears, rocks, etc.

Mike Murray