Reports from the Bridge

Jul 2014

June once again was a busy month. The Commodore’s Ball, June 7th, was an outstanding event. The warm evening was made all the more pleasant as the dress was “Island Style”. All attendees thought the casual attire was terrific. The galley crew outdid themselves once again with delicious food. Thanks to Capt Paula Lewis and the ever present Gonzalez family. Again, what a treat. PC Rob and Bev Bruins showed all of us why they are such an admired couple in the club with their terrific efforts coordinating the Commodore’s Ball.

On June 4th the Skipperettes had their installation of their new president. Outgoing President Lynne Rumbold gave an excellent rundown of the past year’s activities and accomplishments. I remind everyone that she did double duty as the President and Club Secretary…no small effort. Lynne thanks for all you do for the club in any capacity. Incoming President Joanne Gonzalez is excited about her tenure as is the bridge. She was also accompanied by nine new Skipperette members. Yahoo! Jerry Dick performed admirably as the MC.

June 6th Bremerton Yacht Club Bridge Officers assisted Poulsbo Yacht Club with their change of watch for the 50th year in a row. They not only have a very nice club, but the well attended event showcased their friendly members and an outstanding incoming slate of Bridge Officers.

The June 11th Picnic in the Park, as reported, was a huge success with 116 members attending. Ruth and I wished we could have been there. Nice job Nena Andrews and committee.

By this reading our Big Brother Yacht Club, Queen City will have completed yet another wonderful cruise in. Thanks again to PC2 Longenecker for coordinating this always fun event. Next year we will cruise in to their Bainbridge Island outstation for an equally good time.

Mark July 9th for another Picnic in the Park, this one chaired by Cathryn Rice. As this will be her first one, give her a hand.

Finally, our talented members are putting the final trim to the new Cafe’ Lounge and starting the remodel of the store. Bear with the “under construction” inconvenience as the outcome will be well worth the effort.

Also, at the last few events in the main clubhouse I think the noise level is down significantly. That must be the result of the sound dampening tiles installed above the windows and I for one greatly appreciate the planning and installation that went into that.

Nautical Trivia: Devil to Pay - Today the expression "devil to pay" is used primarily to describe having an unpleasant result from some action that has been taken, as in someone has done something they shouldn't have and, as a result, "there will be the devil to pay." Originally, this expression described one of the unpleasant tasks aboard a wooden ship. The "devil" was the wooden ship's longest seam in the hull. Caulking was done with "pay" or pitch (a kind of tar.) The task of "paying the devil" (caulking the longest seam) by squatting in the bilges was despised by every seaman.

Mike Murray