Reports from the Bridge

April 2015

The Commodore gave a great summary of our Poulsbo cruise St Patrick’s Day Weekend.  Monday March 16th the club was treated to a great dinner courtesy of Capts Al Gonzalez, John Watson and committee.  Seattle Yacht Club gave us a thoroughly entertaining pitch on this year’s Opening Day theme of Myths and Monsters.  Put it on your calendar for May 1-3.  And before that don’t forget the Children’s Easter Party April 4,  April 11 and 12 Work Party, April 10-12 Daffodil Festival and back by popular demand the world famous Bremerton Yacht Club Marine Swap Meet April 18th.

We obligated more new members including Brian and Penny Jesperson and John and Patricia Sprouse.  If you see a new face that you don’t recognize smile and introduce yourself.

In last month’s nautical trivia I noted that the last US Navy warships to have teak decks were the New Jersey Class battleships.  Well as it turns out that was not correct.  It seem as though USS Long Beach, CGN 9, had a teak foredeck and she was deactivated July 2, 1994.  USS Missouri  BB-63 also with teak decks was decommissioned  March 31, 1992 thus preceding  USS Long Beach by over two years.  I thank Capts Norm Smith and Mike Laird for the correction.

Nautical Trivia: Log Book - In the early days of sailing ships, the ship's records were written on shingles cut from logs.  These shingles were hinged and opened like a book.  The record was called the "log book."  Later on, when paper was readily available and bound into books, the record maintained it name.

Mike Murray