Reports from the Bridge

Dec 2014


There is always a better way...your challenge is to find it.

While it is now "only" December, it is a great time to be thinking about how you might be able to play an active role in your Club by volunteering to either Chair or be a part of one of our many committees. All of our committees are listed in the Annual under either the responsible Bridge Officer or Executive Committee Chair. Some of the committees have significant responsibilities while others are less demanding. They are all important, though, and your decision to put your name forward as a potential Chair or committee member will not only help the Club but it will greatly enhance your Club experience. In January, the Vice and Rear Commodores along with the 1st and 2nd year Executive Committee Chairs will begin reaching out to members to fill these important positions. Take a look at what interests you and let them know, in advance, what you would like to do. They will appreciate your interest, as will the Club.

Our Towline Editor, Nena Andrews, has been doing an excellent job of coordinating the content of each Towline and has been receiving a number of Member contributions for the publication each month. Please know that while the effort Members put forth in writing their contributions is appreciated, we are not always able to fit all of them in. Nena's job as Editor is to ensure that all of the required information is included each month and then prioritize the remaining content so the most time sensitive and member centric information is used to fill the remaining pages. If your contribution is not included, it will be a result of her fulfilling her responsibilities as noted above.

In closing, if you or your Committee has plans for an event and you want it placed on the Club Event Calendar, a request needs to be submitted to either the Commodore or the Vice Commodore to do so. It will not be automatically posted on the Club Calendar as a result of any meeting minutes or the placement of a flyer on the bulletin board.

With warm personal regards,
Ray Norton