Reports from the Bridge

Oct 2014


You cannot do a kindness too soon because you never know how soon it will be too late.

I want to begin by thanking Barbara and Sam Throm for "hosting" the 2014 Labor Day weekend Club cruise to Oro Bay. Sam and Barbara stepped up to take the reins and from all accounts everyone attending had a good time. Thank you Sam and Barbara!

As we gear up to enjoy our way through the 2015 "Social" season at the Club, I want everyone to remember that each of us is a part "owner" of this Club. While the "Social" season is full of events and opportunities to interact with your fellow Owners (Members) it is also the time where focus is placed on the operation of the Club. Many decisions are made that affect the Club and its "Owners" and as an Owner I encourage you to participate in the process. If it's been a while since you attended a Regular Business Meeting, plan to attend at least one. Get to know what is happening, what should be happening and what has happened. The more participation we have from all our Owners the better our Club will be.

Speaking of which, you will find the text for several proposed By-Law changes in this issue of the Towline (the result of having your Executive Committee working all summer!). I want to let you know that while we normally publish the full text of the current By-Law or Regulation affected, followed by the proposed change(s), there is a proposal included in this issue of the Towline to reduce the monthly meeting schedule from 2 meetings per month to 1 that would have required too much space to follow that format. What you will find for that proposal is the current, relevant language with the proposed change(s) highlighted with new text in bold and text to be eliminated shown as being lined out. If you find you need to see the full text of the current By-Law or Regulation, please refer to your Annual or the website for the full publication of our By-Laws and Regulations. Take the time to review these proposals and form an opinion. Then come to the meetings, participate in the discussion and VOTE!

With warm personal regards,
Ray Norton