Reports from the Bridge

Sep 2014


The greatest of all faults is to be conscious of none.

As we wind down to the end of the Club's boating season and approach the beginning of the Club's social season, I want to report on the industrious activity at our club throughout the summer months.

For those of you that visit the Club often, you no doubt notice during your visits the progress toward completion of our new Club cafe/store and lounge. While many of us were out boating and enjoying the summer, a small group of dedicated members continued to work diligently on the project to increase the likelihood our clubhouse remodel will be done by the time our "social" season begins in September. On behalf of the entire membership, I want to thank the following members for their hard work, to date, on this project: Phil Mhoon, Leo Longenecker, Scott and Debbie Sengstock, Bill and Lynn Rumbold, Tim Baker, Rick Walker, Jeff Walker, Roy Holland, Dana Cutting, Andy Kupp, Rob Bruins, Jim Picinich, Larry Berhard, Gary Clauson, Darin Haustveit, Mike Laird, Bob VanGeystel and Tom Huddleston. While these members have carried the load to date, there is still plenty of opportunity to pitch in and play a part in the completion of this major project. If you have some time and would like to help, please contact PC Longenecker.

While the clubhouse remodel is quite visible and is exciting to see take shape, a less visible but ultimately more important project has been ongoing for more than a year. Under the tireless leadership and effort of Norm Smith, a very small but dedicated group of members has been working to extend the life of our floats. Even if you do visit the Club often, you may not have had the opportunity to see the tremendous work done by those volunteers working VERY hard to refurbish and extend the life of our floats on both A and C strings as well as the maintenance float. A collective "thank you" and "job well done" to Norm, Mike Laird, Mike Petrowski , Al Erlandsen, P/C Bob Bachman, P/C Don Carden and Bill Harris. As with the clubhouse remodel, if you can assist in this effort, please let Captain Smith know as he will no doubt have plenty of opportunities for you to help. I actually spent a day helping on the maintenance float (I believe they called me the "desk Jockey") and it was not only fun, but I came away with a real sense of accomplishment!

One last note regarding the work on both the clubhouse remodel and the rebuilding of the floats and that is the constant presence of Mike Laird who has not only worked on all three float projects but has spent countless hours working the clubhouse remodel. From the entire membership, Mike, thank you!

Your Bridge is looking forward to an active social season with the Club and we invite you all to participate in not only the social events but the Regular Business and E-Committee meetings as well. It's your Club. Own it!

With warm personal regards,
Ray Norton