Reports from the Bridge

Jul 2014


Be grateful for luck, but don’t depend on it.

We received great reviews of the Club’s first issue of the “new format” Towline last month. I want to give special thanks and recognition to our Towline editor, Nena Andrews, for successfully navigating, over the last 5 months, all the obstacles that needed to be overcome to realize such a successful launch. Thanks to Nena, the number of “unexpected” challenges inherent in any major project such as this were managed so that any glitches were so few and insignificant that I don’t even recall what they were! While the comments we’ve received in support of the changes have been many and positive, I can tell you that Nena is committed to continuing to work on upgrading and improving the Towline product in the future. An example is her “Supplemental Towline” issues that will be published between each monthly edition of the Towline to provide important, time sensitive information such as the Float Committee Report (each month), updated fuel pricing, etc. If you have contributions to content or other suggestions for Nena, please let her know by sending her an email at . Remember, she needs to have any proposed content sent to her no later than the 18th of each month!

Twenty-two boats bringing 55 people; 1 motorhome bringing 2 more; plus 3 people that drove down on Sunday made this year’s Memorial Day Cruise to our Oro Bay outstation the largest in several years. Our Fleet Captain, Paula Lewis, executed the concept of “no planned activities” (other than dinner on Saturday night and the Pancake Breakfast put on by the Anderson Island Fire Department on Sunday morning) flawlessly and, judging by the comments I received, the attendees were pleased with the concept. During dinner on Saturday, we were all treated to a demonstration of how to use the AED (Automated External Defibrillator) machines available at the Club and on Club cruises from our very own Fleet Surgeon, Paul Andrews. All agreed that Paul’s demonstration was most informative and very educational for all in attendance. Thank you Paul and thank you Paula for your superb effort!!

An orientation for the 2014-2015 Committee Chairs and Staff Officers was held on June 2 and it was well received by the 42 people in attendance. At the Orientation, John Burwell (3rd Year Budget Chair) and I discussed expectations of the various Chairs and Officers and reviewed helpful information such as Club history, Organization Charts, Budgets and Cash Management Procedures. The goal of crafting updated/revised “Duties of Chairmen” (for publication in Article X of the By-Laws) and “Rudder Orders” by and for each Event/Committee Chair and Staff Officer was established. Upon completion, this updated information will provide guidance to future Event/Committee Chairs and Staff Officers on how to successfully manage their respective duties and responsibilities. Also discussed was the intent to have delivery of each Standing Committee report be made from the podium at the Regular Business Meetings so the Chair is facing and reporting to the members in attendance rather than the Bridge when giving his/her report. Thanks, in advance, to all the Committee Chairs and Staff Officers for all the work you will do for the good of the Club in the coming months. Your fellow Members appreciate it!

In closing, your Bridge is seeing an increased level of interest, enthusiasm and participation in our Club as evidenced by the ease with which all of the Committee and Event Chair positions were filled for this year, the number of new Members being obligated and the sharp increase in participation in the first Club Cruise (22 boats and 60 people) and the first Picnic in the Park (116 attending). There is a building excitement about our Club. Come join in the fun! It’s your Club, enjoy it!

With warm personal regards,
Ray Norton