Reports from the Bridge

Jun 2014


Never underestimate yourself. Leave that mistake to others.

Our Election of officers was held at the May 5, 2014 General Membership meeting and the membership is to be congratulated for electing an excellent cohort of leaders. We will all be looking forward to their contributions over the coming year.

The full slate of elected officers for the 2014-2015 year follows:

  • Commodore Ray Norton
  • Vice Commodore Mike Murray
  • Rear Commodore Bob Saikkonen
  • Treasurer Maralee Ormiston
  • Assistant Treasurer Anita Albright
  • Secretary Lynne Rumbold
  • 1st Year Chair Jim VanAntwerp
  • 1st Year Budget John Mitchell
  • 1st Year Planning Rick Randall
  • 2nd Year Planning Mike Laird

The annual Installation of Officers ceremony was held on May 16, 2014 and was very well attended. Of particular note was the participation by 13 of the Grand 14, Class of 2015 Clubs’ Officers. The receptions both before and after the ceremony were outstanding events put together by the Installation of Officers event Chair Paula Lewis and the “Magnificent Six” consisting of Nena Andrews, Toni Cutting, Christine Johnson, Susan Lebas, Paula Lewis and Cheryl VanGeystel. In addition to the “magnificent six”, a nice round of applause to Denise Rosendale and Bev Bruins for manning the front door, to Sylvia Wilson for creating such nice name badges for our visitors and to PC Rob Bruins for tearing down and then re-building the stage at the last minute to get it centered in the room. The elected and appointed Officers of the Club thank you all very much for such an excellent event! Did I mention what an EXCELLENT job was done with the receptions by the “Magnificent Six”? Thank you, thank you, thank you ladies!

The Queen City Yacht Club’s JO Ball will be held the weekend of June 21 and will be the last of the JO Balls for the Class of 2015. When Crystal and I first started our trip through the Chairs, this event was so far away we didn’t even give it much consideration. Now I’ve come to the end of my tenure as a Jr. Officer (and all the fun that entailed) and we are now looking ahead to the enjoyment we know we will experience as your Commodore.

As I prepared over the last two years to assume the position of Commodore, I often reflected on what a privilege it is to be a member of such an outstanding organization. In my capacity as Commodore, my membership has now gone beyond that of being a personal privilege and has become a personal responsibility to ensure that the traditions that have made the Bremerton Yacht Club the pre-eminent yacht club in the Puget Sound area are not only upheld, but strengthened.

While recognizing that the traditions of the Club are indeed important, I believe that of equal importance is the introduction of new ideas that may carry forward to become the traditions of the future. With that belief, I will provide the leadership necessary to ensure that new ideas are both welcomed and encouraged.

As a Club, we have many challenges in front of us and the members of our club look to the Bridge Officers and the members of the Executive Committee to manage the Club, not just for the years we serve in these capacities, but for the long term. We have a fiduciary responsibility to ensure that our actions advance the promise that the Bremerton Yacht Club will live on in perpetuity. I will act on behalf of the membership, both current and future, to see that that promise is delivered upon.

With warm personal regards,
Ray Norton