Reports from the Bridge


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With 28 boats having competed in the Race, 67 people having enjoyed the Friday night dinner/socializing, 90 people having enjoyed the Saturday night dinner/socializing, two Clubs creating and performing hilarious skits and our very own Dockettes providing a blockbuster performance, Heavy Weather 2015 proved to be another successful Heavy Weather Predicted Log Race weekend of racing, socializing and fun.

With that said, I believe we have some work to do to ensure this major Grand 14 event continues to be a draw. With demands on and options for our leisure time increasing each year, coupled with the introduction of GPS, electronic charts and all the other navigation and cruising aids currently available, participation in the sport of log racing has declined significantly over the years. Where our Heavy Weather Weekend was once a four day event each year (Friday through Monday of Presidents' Day Weekend) with as many as 160 boats participating, it has been compacted for the last several years to being a Friday through Sunday event. To accommodate the desire of many racers to participate in other Presidents' Day Weekend activities with their respective Clubs, we once again scaled back so 2015 Heavy Weather was a Friday through Saturday event with a hosted and informal continental breakfast available on Sunday morning.

The dedicated log racers of the Grand 14 clubs have been successful over the last several years in attracting some of their newer Club members to learn about and occasionally participate in the sport of log racing but the overall number of dedicated log racers/participants most likely will continue to decline over the next 10 years. While we have succeeded in hosting a great predicted log race with other events to fill in the weekend for 81 years, I believe we need to look at the current trend and look toward developing additional activities and events that will draw a greater number of participants to our annual event. There is no need to limit the weekend's activities to the log race, dinners and socializing. Let's start thinking of what we might consider adding to our Heavy Weather Weekend to attract participation so that in ten years, if the current trend is not reversed, we will still have a viable event to offer our Grand 14 friends.

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With warm personal regards,
Ray Norton