Reports from the Bridge

Jan 2015

Leave as little to chance as possible...preparation is the key to success.

The Club Remodel is done! It seems so long ago that this project was first introduced and discussed and at the time, while I thought it was a good idea and felt the end result would not only enhance the usability but increase member use of our Clubhouse, I also recognized the commitments it would take to get it done, not only in dollars but in Club labor and expertise.

Those commitments were fulfilled in a manner that, I believe, elevated the BYC's tradition of member participation and contributions for efforts such as this. The number of people that had a hand in making this significant project come to fruition was many and to try to list them all would most certainly, but regrettably, leave someone out. So, rather than try to list all those who contributed their time, energy and skills to the completion of this project, please know the entire Club will be forever grateful for your efforts as we all enjoy our new lounge area, cafe and store facilities for years to come.

I want to thank Vice Commodore Murray and Rear Commodore Saikkonen for doing an outstanding job of not only coordinating, but participating in, all of the Club's December activities. While they will be, in their respective articles, recognizing and thanking specific Members for their individual contributions to the many activities we had during the month of December, I want to be sure they are likewise recognized for their exemplary effort. Their commitment to your Club is unquestioned and we all owe them both a big "Thank You" for their unwavering efforts this past month.

The annual Christmas Dinner was a sell out with 142 dinners served! A loud thank you is due all the Bridge, E-Committee and Flag Officers as well as their 1st mates for doing a superb job. A better meal could not have been had at the best 5 star restaurant in Seattle and that was due, in large part, to the leadership and culinary skills of David Gonzalez. While we have come to rely on David's generosity in coordinating the galley efforts for this major Club event each year, I let him know that we will never take his efforts for granted. Thank you David!

In closing, I want to thank the membership for your patience and support while I was absent from the Club over the last six months. I am excited to be "back in battery"!

With warm personal regards,
Ray Norton