Reports from the Bridge

Nov 2013


It is better to make a mistake by doing something than to never make a mistake by doing nothing.


The BYC Annual was distributed to Members attending the first meeting of the year by the Annual Chair, Leslie Hunt. This year’s Annual is a tribute to the dedica-on and commitment Leslie has shown to this project each year for the last several years. Leslie is to be commended for doing an outstanding job on a project that is really invisible to the Membership right up to the point of distribution, when we all get the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of her labor. The Annual is a valuable tool as it provides us all with a ready reference for contac-ng other Members and re-living, through the photos included, the fun -mes of the prior year. Thank you, Leslie, for your dedication to making our Annual such a fine publica-on.


The New Member and "Prospective New Member" night was held on a rainy and windy September 28th. The event was chaired by Brett and Lynetta Halffman who provided a wonderful atmosphere and great eats to welcome our New Members who joined the Club over the last year as well as three ""prospective” New Members. Thanks to Dick and Alice Nelson, Steve and Deanna Brett and Rick Walker for inviting and accompanying their prospective new members to the event. We look forward to welcoming them all into our BYC family in the near future. While Scott and Debbie Sengstock were the only "New Members" attending, the reception was well planned and Lynetta's warm welcome to all who attended was a masterful display of public speaking!

The 2013 (and 13th edition) of Oktoberfest at the BYC was held on Friday the 4th of October and was once again a huge success due to the talent and dedication of Jytte Wheeler and her PC, Bob. There were a total of 94 paying customers who enjoyed the authentic German cuisine of freshly made bratwurst, sauerkraut, red cabbage and hot German potato salad all accompanied by craE beer and wine, followed by a dessert of Black Forest Cake! The night was filled with laughter, merriment and the sounds of the Happy Wanderer’s Accordion Band and when it was over, all in attendance were already looking forward to the 14th edition in 2014! So look for this event next year on Oktober 3, 2014 and get registered early to ensure a seat with your name on it.

The weekend of October 11th had your Jr. Officers (R.C. Mike and Ruth Murray along with Crystal and me) at the Day Island Yacht Club's JO Ball. The theme of "Pirate’s Treasure at the Day Island Lagoon" had everyone all decked out in their best pirate, wench and scallywag attire. Walking the plank and searching for lost treasure, while being royally entertained and pampered, made the weekend one we will not soon forget. The Day Island Yacht Club, for those that have not visited there yet, is a real "treasure". With both a new Brew Pub and a new restaurant right next door, we can highly recommend it as a reciprocal destination.


Now that Crystal and I have recovered from the Pirate activities at the DIYC JO Ball (I can't speak for Mike and Ruth), we are looking forward to the next JO Ball which will be at the Edmonds Yacht Club the weekend of the 8th of November. The theme of "Serenge- Safari" promises another fun filled weekend of frolicking with our Grand 14 friends.

As many of you have realized, it is soon to be December which offers many activities for you to enjoy at your Club. While these are all optional opportunities for the Membership's enjoyment, the month brings with it a heavy burden on your Rear Commodore who is responsible for a number of those activities and events. Please, before you finish reading this Towline, send Mike an email at to let him know you would like to pitch in and help. There is something for everyone so please don't hesitate. I know he has lots of free pizza and beverages just waiting for the volunteers to enjoy at several of the events!

With warm personal regards,
Ray Norton