Reports from the Bridge

Oct 2013


Some men dream of worthy accomplishments, while others stay awake and do them.


As you walked around the Club grounds this past summer, I hope you noticed how nice looking and well maintained many of our gardens were. Whether it was pots filled with colorful flowers in the vicinity of the picnic shelter or the nicely trimmed bushes and plants and flowers surrounding the front and back entrances, whatever horticultural delights you saw were more than likely the result of the efforts of Ric Thomas and Bill Bagley. Please take a moment to thank Ric and Bill for all the work they’ve done over the last several months to beautify our Club. It seemed to me every time I came to the Club in May, June, July and August that one or both of them were working away trying, and succeeding, in keeping our Club beautified.


Crystal and I attended our first J.O. Ball with the newly formed Grand 14, Class of 2016 Nautical Stars, at the Port Orchard Yacht Club the weekend of the 6th of September. I had not been to the POYC before with the exception of an overnight reciprocal visit about 16 or 17 years ago. What a great facility! With a new “cabana” recently built for use by POYC Members as well as reciprocal visitors, the POYC offers a great place to “get away” while using use some of our reciprocal benefits. It was an incredible weekend with great food, company and entertainment including fire dancers to support the South Pacific theme.

On September 25th a select committee consisting of PC’s, Jr. Bridge Officer’s and Members at large met to discuss the current status of social activities at our Club. The continued decline in participation is concerning and needs to be reversed. The meeting was the first attempt to identify the wants and needs of the Members when it comes to their social engagement at the Club. In addition, considerable discussion was had concerning how we plan and manage our events. Please let me know via email at if you have any ideas or comments you would like to share. We will appreciate as much participation from the membership as we can get.


The weekend of the 11th of October will have Crystal and me (as well as R.C. Mike and Ruth Murray) representing the BYC at the Day Island Yacht Club’s J.O. Ball in University Place (Tacoma). With a theme of “Pirates” we are looking forward to “walking the plank”, hunting for treasure at the Day Island Lagoon and enjoying the traditional Friday night social, the Saturday night Ball and our Sunday morning meeting. The more J.O. Balls we attend, the more we look forward to the next one!

It’s not too early to be thinking about the New Year’s Eve party scheduled for 12/31/13. Several Members wanted to change the date to be more convenient for them but I think we’ll stick with tradition on this one! Chaired by PC Don and Donna Park and shared with our friends from the Poulsbo Yacht Club, this promises to be an evening to remember. Put it on your calendar and plan on attending! The sign-up sheet and flyers should be ready by the middle of next month.

With warm personal regards,
Ray Norton