Reports from the Bridge

Sep 2013


"The clock of life is wound but once and no man has the power to tell just when the hands will stop, at late or early hour. Now is the only time you own. Live, love, toil with a will. Place no faith in time, for the clock may soon be still."


It seems as though every time I get to the Club, when I look toward the railway area I see someone working. Often times there will be more than one person but one of them, Dan Robinson, seems to always be there. I recently asked Dan what exactly it is he is does out there and he was kind enough to provide me with an abridged version of his activities that was two full, single spaced pages outlining what he and his crew do “out there”. His synopsis is very informative but since I do not have the space to include it all here I did include his “summary”, in its entirety, elsewhere in this edition of the Towline. What I will say here is that next time you use our railway, think of all the time Dan spends working on it. I am convinced that we would not still have that valuable resource were it not for him. Thank you Dan!


Summer is winding down. Days are getting shorter and nights are getting cooler. Cruises have been cruised and land based activities such as picnics and BBQ’s have been enjoyed. Crystal and I have enjoyed this past summer spending time with not only our BYC friends but our Grand 14 friends as well. From the BYC Picnics and Movies in the Park to our short overnight/weekend cruises to our two week cruise culminating with the BYC Labor Day Cruise-In to Oro Bay, this has been a summer full of fond memories. Thank you to those that were a part of making those memories.


It is not too early to be announcing that we will host the New Year’s Eve party this year for both our Members as well as our friends from the Poulsbo Yacht Club. Crystal and I joined the 20 or so BYC Members at the Poulsbo Yacht Club last year and a great time was had by all! This year, PC Don and Donna Park will be chairing our event and it looks to be one not to be missed. Details will be announced as appropriate but save the date (12/31/13) so you can be part of the action!

Crystal and I will be starting the second half of the JO Balls for the Grand 14 on the 7th of September with the Port Orchard Yacht Club. We look forward to once again representing the Bremerton Yacht Club and getting together with all of our friends from the Grand 14.

With warm personal regards,
Ray Norton