Reports from the Bridge

Aug 2013


Seeing a spider isn’t a problem. It becomes a problem when it disappears.


As the Chairman of the Regatta for Sail Committee, Jay Spearman has been responsible for all sail boat race activities. Given the hectic schedules of our sailing Members, the response to the many races Jay put together in fulfillment of his responsibility did not justify running many of the races. That lack of participation, however, did not take the wind out of Jay’s sails. No sir! Instead, he went about creating several “seminars” in various boating related subjects to assist all our Members (sail and power alike) such as: The Anchoring seminar that was put on not once, but twice (with the able assistance of PC Mike Henry, Rick Young and Corky Perry); the Pre-Cruise Maintenance seminar (with the able assistance of Dale Fransen); the Rafting seminar; and the Reciprocity seminar not once but twice (with the able assistance of our Reciprocity Chairman, Roy Holland). It is the dedication and creativity of Members such as Jay. that make this Club superior to all others. Thank you Jay!


It seems like forever ago but our first Movie in the Park was held on June 29th. By the end of the movie we had 15 people in attendance for the Club’s Movie in the Park premier that featured the movie “Fracture” starring Anthony Hopkins (although, for reasons unknown to the writer, the buzz among the ladies present was the co-star, Ryan Gosling. Hmmm). Anyway, in addition to the featured movie the attendees were treated to the Eagles “Hell Freezes Over” concert as “pre-movie entertainment” while we waited for darkness to come.


As you enjoy summer on your boat with your boating friends, please be sure to invite your non-member friends to join you at the Club for the "New and Prospective Members' Night" on Saturday, September 28, 2013. They will be guests of the Club for both the party and one night's moorage. Stay tuned for additional details from our Social Chairs Brett and Lynetta Halffman.

The Club will be hosting the Grand 14 Cruise-In the weekend of August 9, 10 and 11. This annual event brings the Bridge Officers from all of the Grand 14 Clubs to the BYC where the Class of 2016 (including our very own Rear Commodore Mike and Ruth Murray) will meet their counterparts for the first time. The Vice Commodores and Commodores will help “educate” the new Rears as to the finer points of going through the Chairs while we all have a great time socializing, “hydrating”, eating, “hydrating” , planning, “hydrating” and generally having fun and “hydrating”. Stop by the Club that weekend to observe your Bridge hard at work!

To accommodate all our guests, we will be looking for moorage for 35 – 40 boats. So, if you are going to be gone for that weekend and would be able to offer your open space, shed or club cover to one of our visiting boats, please let Rear Commodore Murray know at We will also be med-tying boats in both of the reciprocal moorage areas so if your boat will be affected by the med-ties and will need to be available to you during that weekend, please make arrangements to have your boat moved prior to 1200 on Friday the 9th of August.

With warm personal regards,
Ray Norton