Reports from the Bridge

Jun 2013


Our attitude is not determined by circumstances, but by how we respond to circumstances. We can respond positively or negatively. It is how we react to events, not the events themselves that determines our attitude.


On May 17, 2013, the Club held its annual Installation of Officers ceremony during which each of the newly elected Bridge Officers and E-Committee members were installed and the outgoing officers were dismissed. While I want to thank all those that had a hand in making sure this important event was completed without a hitch, I want to specifically thank Club members PC Paul Earsley for conducting the ceremony with such professionalism; PC Rod Perryman for doing such a splendid job as the Officer of the Deck; and Paula Lewis, Sharon Lillybridge, Jan Cordodor, Sharon Leedy, Jeremiah Wiley and Shayna McKinnon for doing a magnificent job in the galley with not only the pre-ceremony food but with setting up, hosting the post ceremony cake and Champaign and then cleaning up when it was all over. With so many of our friends from other Grand 14 Clubs in attendance, it was re-assuring to know you all were in charge!

Outgoing Kudos to those that served in elected offices:

Rob Bruins, Commodore; Paula Lewis, Secretary; Anita Albright, Treasurer; Don Floyd, E-Committee Third Year Chairman; John Mitchell and Warren DeCamp, 3rd Year Planning; and Don Evans, 3rd Year Budget. THANK YOU!!!!!

Incoming Kudos to those about to serve in elected offices:

Mike Murray, Rear Commodore; Lynn Rumbold, Secretary; Stephanie Marone, Treasurer; Rose Saikkonen, Assistant Treasurer; Bill Harris, Executive Committee 1st Year Chair; Tammy Fransen, E-Committee 1st Year Budget; and Troy Landis, E-Committee, 1st Year Planning. THANK YOU!!!!!


Crystal and I now have 7 of our 14 Junior Officers' Balls behind us. When combined with the August and the January Officers’ Cruise-Ins and the many Club functions such as the Picnics in the Park, Lighted Boat Parades, Heavy Weather, the Easter Egg Hunt, Tacoma Yacht Club’s Daffodil and Seattle Yacht Club’s Opening Day celebrations, we know our decision to accept the Club’s offer to represent you was the right one for us. In addition to the social activities for which we were either responsible or participated in as your representatives, the opportunity to offer suggestions and participate in the business decisions of the Club has been equally rewarding for me. Both Crystal and I are looking forward to our next “Chair” and the doors of opportunity that will open and the experiences that will bring. Please know I am always looking forward to hearing from any Member with ideas on how to better our Club. We will be facing many challenges in the coming years and Member participation in finding and implementing the solutions to those problems will be critical to our success.


Several Members of the Club have mentioned to me that one of the primary reasons they joined the BYC was so they could meet and enjoy cruising with other Members. They are finding that difficult to do, however, as there is no central registry of what, when or where other Members are doing. To provide that information to everyone that is interested, we will be starting a "Cruising Pod" within the Club. This "Pod" will be very informal and will be an "opt-in" group. In short, if you are interested in using your boat more, meeting other Members and sharing time together on the water, send an email to and I will add your name to the email list that will be shared by all Members of the “Pod”. If someone decides to take their boat to Oyster Bay for the weekend, they can send that information out to the "Pod". Other members that are interested can then join in the "cruise". The cruises do not have to be (but can be) organized and they do not have to be (but can be) to faraway places. Some of the best cruises are simply weekend trips to local destinations such as Oyster Bay, Ostrich Bay, Silverdale, Port Orchard, etc. Plan for a wagon wheel or add a pot-luck to the agenda, if you even want an agenda! Once some "Pod" cruises have come together and the Pod participation begins to grow, Members can then decide to make their cruises a little more formal if they want or just keep them informal. Either way, they will have the opportunity to use their boat more with fellow Members which will at the same time increase the value of their BYC membership. Everyone is invited to join the "Pod" but please do not sign up if you do not intend to participate. We'll see how this goes!

Another new "event" for Club Members will be the Summer Movies and Concerts in the Park. We have installed a large projection screen in the picnic shelter and will be showing movies similar to a drive-in theater on Friday and/or Saturday summer nights. The schedule for the 2013 Movies in the Park includes Friday nights July 26 and September 13 and Saturday nights June 29 and August 17. Start times will be 8:30 (2030). Bring your own chairs, microwave popcorn and beverages and enjoy some great movies and/or DVD concerts with fellow Members. If you have a request for a particular movie or concert, let me know. We’ll get as many in as we can and again, we’ll see how this goes!

The last "new" idea for the coming year is from our "Socials" Chairs Brett & Lynetta Halffman. What they want to do is allow friends of current Members that may have an interest in joining the Club to attend the traditional New Members' Night to make the traditional New Members' Night the New and Prospective Members' Night! Not only will your friends be invited to the big party, but they will be able to bring their boat for the night and moor at no charge. The New and Prospective Members' Night will be on Saturday, September 28, 2013 so keep this in mind as you enjoy the summer and ask some of your boating friends to join you on 9/28/13. Maybe they’ll join the Club!

In closing, if you received a printed copy of this Towline, put it in a safe place. Someday, it will be very valuable as, after 84 years, this is the last edition of the Towline to be printed. In the future, the Towline will only be published online, so be sure the Club has your correct email address by checking your listing in the Annual! If a correction needs to be made, contact the Towline Editor Warren DeCamp via email at

Have a wonderful and safe summer on the water!

With warm personal regards,
Ray Norton