Reports from the Bridge

Apr 2014


Even if you are on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there.


Insurance! What an often misunderstood necessity. Fortunately for the BYC, Bob White and Cathryn Rice volunteered to assess the compliance of all our moorage members with the insurance requirements as stated in our By-Laws. They undertook the monumental task of reviewing every member's policy, notifying each member not in compliance with any aspect of our insurance requirements and then following up with each member to assist as they worked to come into compliance. While it was a rewarding experience for Bob and Cathryn in that they have now probably met more of our members than any of the rest of us, the countless hours they contributed to the task cannot be overestimated. As a result of their efforts we will now be in a much better position when, not if, disaster strikes. Thank you very much Bob and Cathryn!


The Tyee Yacht Club Junior Officer's Ball the weekend of the 15th of March was everything those attending could have expected and more! With the theme of "Comic Book Stars" attendees were decked out in some pretty incredible comic book personality costumes and with a catering company resident in their clubhouse facilities, the food was so good it wasn't funny! While we now have only one JO Ball left (and it is not until June), the Class of 2015 Stingrays will create other opportunities to get together to enjoy all of our mutual friendships with Daffodil in Tacoma and Opening Day in Seattle coming to mind.


For those of you that attended the March 17, 2014 General Membership meeting, you know from the presentation the "Trio" from the Seattle Yacht Club provided that the 2014 Opening Day of Boating celebration the weekend of May 3, 2014 will be a blast! The "Toys Ahoy" theme should generate some outstanding decorated boat entries in the parade and the balance of the weekend activities will no doubt be well worth the trip. Our Club’s "Officers' Salute" boat will be provided by Captain Rob Runne who will have the Club's signal and Officers' flags flying as we make our way down the parade route. If you have never participated in the Opening Day celebration, this will be a great year for you to start!

On May 16, 2014, the BYC will hold its annual Installation of Officers ceremony. For those of you that have yet to attend an Installation, it is a formal ceremony during which each of the newly elected Bridge and Executive Officers of the Club, as well as the elected and appointed Flag Officers, are installed. Your attendance at this event will convey your support for those you have elected to navigate the Club over the next year and will be appreciated by all those being installed.

With warm personal regards,

Ray Norton