Reports from the Bridge

Feb 2014

At the New Year’s Eve Party I particularly enjoyed our very own Bob and Marva McWaid dancing. Bob and Marva demonstrated an excellent “Foxtrot”. Bob looked as dapper in his suit and tie as Marva looked beautiful in her evening dress. Not bad for our nearly 91 year old member…not bad at all.

Preparations are underway for Heavy Weather. I was particularly pleased to receive phone calls from members volunteering for specific duties and others that volunteered for any duty. There is much to be said for the attitude, “Just put me in coach, I’ll play any position”. In discussing Heavy Weather events of the past I was told that in the mid 50s the club at times served up to 800 people for breakfast. Wow. Must have been done in shifts and eaten quickly. Geez, where were all the boats moored?

My major responsibilities as Rear Commodore include Friday night dinner, Saturday morning breakfast, and the various club set ups for each day’s events. This is a big event and is well known throughout Puget Sound and the west coast. As an aside, I recently received a phone call from a fellow in San Jose, California who said he had attended one of our Heavy Weather events just a couple of years ago.

There will also be many work party opportunities sprucing up the club for this. Contact the Work Party chair, Jim Minard if there is something specific ou want to do or just get your name in ahead of time.

Nautical Trivia.

Ahoy! - This old traditional greeting for hailing other vessels was originally a Viking battle cry. Who knew?

Mike Murray
Rear Commodore