Reports from the Bridge

Dec 2013

Happy Holidays!

If you were one who contributed to our food box in the club house, I thank you for giving! This has been a tradition for some years now, and it’s great to know that there are those who still care to share. That we can look forward to enjoying a bountiful feast with family and friends alike, there are many in our community who aren’t as fortunate. Our food banks depend on the kind donations  especially this time of year. So, Thanks for Giving!

Last week of November, a group of members came together to decorate our club house for this month’s festivities. Rear Commodore Mike Murray and Ruth provided lunch for those attending members who provided all the energy to get the club decorated for our enjoyment. Please let them know their efforts are appreciated as well as to the other cast of members who have stepped up to bring about the annual events this month. Those include Susan LaBas, Chair for Special Peoples Cruise (12/1), Roy Holland once again behind the mike as the voice of Santa to speak with our special guests  when they ask for specific gifts for the holiday. There is Steve & Deanna Brett for leading the Lighted Boat Parade in their new boat (12/20 & 21), and Mike Petrowske, providing the Santa Boat both nights.  I hope that those newer members who have yet to get personally involved in our club events take time to consider what efforts are needed to make each event a success.  Please don’t wait to be asked for assistance. Know that everyone is always welcomed to join in and it’s never too late!

Before we know it, Heavy Weather Weekend will be upon us (2/14-16/2014). Being our clubs biggest event each year, we look for all members to step up and lend a helping hand.  Currently I’m seeking all interested members willing to work together to create our very own act for our themed VAUDEVILLE night. Please consider all possibilities and share them with me so that we can put on a show to remember! If you’d like to have your moment in the spotlight, now’s the time to get in on ‘the act’! Step outside of your comfort zone and join our team of characters!

With the new year comes opportunity. That is, the opportunity to now have a hard copy of the Towline mailed direct to you via postal service. The Towline Committee has mailed out a postcard to all member-ships announcing this opportunity which begins with the January 2014 issue.

If you want to receive a hard copy of the Towline beginning January 2014, you must respond by the stated deadline of 12/16/2013. You will be committing to a 6-month subscription period for only $10.00. Each renewal period will be for a 6-month period.

As the year comes to an end, I’d like to encourage members to get involved and be present in what’s happening in and around the club. Your participation is needed on so many levels to keep our club’s status as one of the finest that a member could be part of in the Grand 14. I never tire of hearing the compliments spoken by my counterparts in the Grand 14 of all our amenities available to us.

Thanks for Giving all that you can in support of our club and your Bridge Officers!

My husband and” Commodude” Mike, wish you and yours a peaceful Christmas holiday. May you welcome the New Year in with renewed energy and a positive sense of purpose for yourself and those around you.

Commodore Mona-Lisa Ryan