Reports from the Bridge

Nov 2013

I have to admit that I was somewhat anxious about having a dinner meeting presentation (held prior to the 10/21 General Meeting) with only 20 members having signed up. †Entering the meeting hall I was delighted to see that the committee had the tables dressed in linen, decorated with touches of Fall, and table settings presented like we were at Anthonyís downtown!

Greeting us at the door with a warm welcome and handling the money was Tammy Franzen. The aroma in the prepared lasagna was in the air and we were not disappointed! Diners enjoyed the homemade goodness prepared by one of our new (and already quite active!) member Nena Andrews and longtime member Bev Bruins (always active!) As we poured ourselves wine at our tables, each diner was served in courses by PC Rob Bruins and (not yet obligated) Paul Andrews. While our menu was simple, it was fabulously delicious and dining was cozy comfortable with our fellow table mates. This team made it a wonderful experience as attested to by those attending and enjoying. Thank you Team! Well orchestrated!

Web Master Jerry Wein stepped in and gave a 45 minute presentation of our web site. From comments heard and shared by those in attendance, this was a great learning experience. †Not only can one read the meeting minutes (and stay informed of whatís going on behind the scenes), but you can also keep track of your service points and work party hours, to name just a few points of interest. Some of those arriving early for the General Meeting were able to catch the end of the presentation and expressed that they wished they had been present from the beginning. If enough interest is generated, Jerry will be happy to do a repeat performance.

For me, with my 3rd and 4th Commodores Ball coming up, November will be relatively calm, so I take a deep breath and prepare for Decemberís blitz! Susan LeBas (la bah) was introduced at the last meeting as Special Peoples Cruise Chair. She accepted this position last year and has jumped right in with coordinating this big event with community volunteers as well as our membership. Please donít hesitate to answer the call for assistance. Most of us know just how much effort goes into this annual event which takes place Sunday, December 1st. It is so special for those many citizens who have come to expect a special evening topped off with words with Santa (Roy Holland) and a hug from Santa (PC Charlie Billings) when departing the dock. Please consider sharing an evening aboard your boat! Last year we didnít have as many Captains participating and some of those who did last year had to make two trips.† Start off this holiday season by giving generously of your time to those who will never really know you.


Check our bulletin board for dates and times of the holiday events that RC Mike Murray is coordinating. There are races scheduled, too. Our holiday Christmas Dinner will be Sunday, December 15th. †Sign up. Participate. Enjoy!

This month, most especially, is a time of giving thanks.† For each and every one of you, I hope the Blessings in your personal life are abundant enough to soothe out some of the negatives that life sends our way.† Thank you to our Executive Committee members and fellow Bridge Officers who put in so much time and energy in keeping our club running. Thank you to all my committee Chairs for your attention to details, your dependability, and willingness to give of your time in support of me as your Commodore.

Happy Harvest.

May you experience unforeseen Blessings where you least expect them!

Your Commodore,

Mona-Lisa Ryan (and my Commodude Mike)

Commodore Mona-Lisa