Reports from the Bridge

Jul 2013

With this ‘issue’ of the Towline being our first ‘all electronic’ version, I thank those members who have taken the time to express their personal opinion(s) on how they feel about not having the hard copy mailed to them. This was not done without much thought and consideration to the membership as a whole. There have been many members who expressed strong opinions about taking away their ‘paper’. With budget concerns and rising cost of publication, we needed to start paring down expenses wherever possible. The majority of our voting membership prevailed, and so here we are. Aside from the savings of publication and mailing costs, we now get our Towline in full bloomin’ color, assessable anytime and anywhere you choose to open it! That’s a good thing. No more frustration in waiting for the Towline to be delivered to your mailbox, or forwarded to your winter palace. While change can be difficult in the beginning, repetition quickly becomes habit.

Going online to our website is a great opportunity to take a tour of what our WebTeam has done for us. Take a tour. You’ll be amazed and the information you’ll find there. You can now schedule your railway time, check/verify your points balance, get the lastest updates for planned events, and with our new BLOG feature, you can post questions and actually receive an answer to things you always wanted to know but were afraid to ask. Our BLOG is off to a slow start, but folks are indeed using it. As a means to encourage membership to get into the habit of accessing our WebSite frequently, I will be posting some challenges that will result in a winner receiving a fun or fabulous - but totally useful prize. Bribery? Of course! But at least it will be fun! To start you off, you’ll have to go to our BLOG to read details.

Speaking of changes, Kudos (once more) for Fleet Captain Cinde Bannon and Captain Troy Landis for providing plenty of fun and excitement for the Memorial Weekend Cruise to Des Moines Marina. Please check out her column for a wonderful description of that successful weekend event. Even with my physical challenges, I was talked into participating in the Cheeto Toss with Honorary Member Laurie VonRuden. I had the easiest part – simply tossing the Cheetos onto her shaving cream capped head. I don’t recall the actual number that stuck, but suffice it to say that we both walked away winners with a wonderful bottle of wine for our efforts! The weekend was a wonderful change up from our Oro Bay trek and thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Our brief summer days allowed Mike and I to ride our Harley over to the Olympia Yacht Club’s outstation over by Harstene Island. We were invited by fellow Trident, Commodore Pape and his wife to share a relaxing time with them and their other members. It has been the greatest benefit of going through the Chairs thus far - building wonderful friendships that are sure to endure well beyond the duration of being a Bridge Officer, and sharing great times with each other. Their outstation was quite beautiful with a large club house with full amenities. While we BBQ’d on the patio we watched deer come out of the tree line and graze peacefully around us, totally unafraid of human presence. While aboard another member’s boat, we all observed a deer swimming across the water, right past our boats to the shoreline. No music to fill the air, no games to get us busy. Just plain ‘ol rest and relaxation with a few dips in the water, interspersed with pitcher’s full of Orange Cream, their classic boater’s drink.

Next month our club hosts the annual August Officer’s Cruise In (August 9, 10, & 11). Our new Rear Commodore Mike Murray and wife Ruth, will be meeting with the other Grand 14 Rears for the first time at this event. Mike will have just retired from his job down in Oregon and jumping right into his role as our Rear Commodore. Ruth has already attended her first 6-Pak dinner and attended the first Picnic in the Park eagerly awaiting the date when her husband is finally home to take over the reins.

In the meanwhile, please come down to enjoy OUR club! Check out our BLOG for what’s happening-when and where.

Hope to see you soon!
Commodore Mona-Lisa Ryan