Reports from the Bridge

Jun 2013

Greetings to all!

With the 86th Installation just behind us, Id like to thank those who made the event pleasant for all who honored us with their attendance.

Paula Lewis stepped right up and took over with creating a wonderful array of appetizers along with the able assistance from Jan Cordodor and Diane Robinson. My visiting family members from California [Mama Honey, sister Melody, and niece Jamie] as well as local family [niece TC and daughter Stefani] also lent their hands and muscle in getting the small tables set up and prepped for Sharon Leedy and Sharon Lillybridge to take over the beverage and cake table. Shayna McKinnon helped to pass around appetizers as well.

Special thanks to PC Rod Perryman for filling the role of Officer on Deck and PC Darin Haustvite for his eloquent speech to X-Commodore Bruins which was followed by the presentation of the X-Commodore flag to be proudly flown aboard Ocean Pearl. I am deeply appreciative of the job PC Paul Earsley did in performing the installation of both Vice Commodore Ray Norton and myself for this coming year on the Bridge. Twelve of my Trident class mates from the Grand 14 (representing 6 of the yacht clubs, including their spouses), made a wonderful showing of support, too, which made me feel quite special. Thanks also to all the BYC members who came to share their congratulations and expressions of support as I start my final year through the Chairs as Commodore. Seems like weve just started the journey!

By press time well have experienced a wonderful cruise down to Des Moines Marina already with our new Fleet Captain Cinde Bannon assisting Cruise Captains Steve and Deanna Brett. With her enthusiasm to serve as Fleet Captain and the energy that brings, Im confident that our members will have plenty of good times to come!

I hope youll also look forward to a small change up in our meetings. Were already used to having one dinner meeting a year when Seattle Yacht Club comes for their Opening Day presentation. Several of our Grand 14 clubs have regular dinner meetings and the level of attendance at those meetings are impressive. Ive elected to at least try this with our club once a trimester. Our first dinner meeting will feature presentation of our fabulous web site by our Web Master Jerry Wein. Members will see firsthand just how easy it is to find the information you need to know or were simply curious about.

This first dinner meeting is tentatively scheduled for October 21st. Our established meeting time of 7:00 pm will remain the same. However, to allow for a relaxed dining and socializing experience, the dinner would be served promptly at 6:00 pm. To allow for appropriate planning we will of course require signup reservation.

With so much happening within the club, and with marina improvements being an especially hot topic, Im hoping that attendance will increase so members may learn more firsthand about these issues. Increased fees to members is always a touchy topic! Yet members arent making it their business to attend any of the meetings held that discuss our problems and strategies to resolve them. Im of the mindset that if you have another reason to come to the club (eat dinner amongst friends!) you may decide to stick around and listen to the important business that affects our personal financial obligation to the club.

Change is difficult but necessary to keep our club safe and sound both physically and financially. Please be a positive part of the changes that need to be realized. Each of us as an opinion of the hows and whys of club issues, but it should only be spoken once you have knowledge of the facts. If you want to be fully informed, please make it a priority to attend any and all such meetings that take place.

That said Id like to express more thanks to those members who have fully supported Mike and I during the past two years. Most especially, to those Past Commodores who have offered their sage wisdom, guidance, and encouragement. Without your support this journey would indeed be much more challenging!

With gratitude,
Mona-Lisa, Commodore