Reports from the Bridge

May 2014

At the time you read this month’s publication we will be getting the finishing touches done to our decorated boat entry for the Seattle Opening Day parade, or have already finished up with our participation.  Many thanks goes out to Mike Petrowske for having It’ll Do as our decorated boat entry. While you may not see Mike around often [he’s also a member of Port Orchard Yacht Club!], he has always offered his assistance and quick to step up in time of need!

With a boat as large as It’ll Do (60’ LOA with a 15’ beam!) decorating for the parade was challenging. Toys were the focus and without the talent the club has enjoyed in the past for creating moving structures, the small team involved did manage to create a colorful float. Thanks to those members who took part in the final decorating while moored at Queen City Yacht Club the day before the parade, and for those who were on deck showing their enthusiasm to the crowds!

The last General Meeting included the presentation of our annual Budget for membership approval. As was expected, the discussion was lengthy and passionate for some. One thing we can agree on is that our money (dues) and how it’s spent is a sensitive issue.  Please come prepared to add your thoughts at the upcoming General Meeting [May 5th] and cast your vote. Details of the proposed budget are posted on the website and within this issue. 

While very close to the end of my term are your Commodore, my Captain and I still have three Commodore’s Balls left to attend! What a party time those have been! Playing dress up with thirteen other couples who were strangers to us almost three years ago and moving from Counterparts in the Grand 14 to becoming Trident True friends has been the best reward!

Finishing up May we have the Awards Ceremony next [Friday, May 9th]. Please mark your calendar to attend. Come join me in acknowledging those members who will be recognized for their efforts in supporting our fine club! The Change of Watch is the following week [Friday, May 16th].

Our journey through the ‘Chairs’ has been an experience Mike and I will not soon forget. While it was everything I knew it would be, there were some experiences that I found quite surprising. I wish to thank all those members who have shown their unwavering support to Mike and I through this journey of ours. To those members who have been supportive in being part of the various committees we’ve needed, we thank you for your laborious efforts and most especially your willingness to give up personal time to help make things happen. Some were required to give more time than others, but each and every one of you are appreciated for what you could do for the Good of the Club.

At the end of it all, we look forward to the Commodore’s Ball [June 7th] where we can truly celebrate with those members wishing to be a part of  a happy finale! Remember – no formal attire – no shorts and no slippas either [there is a dress code ya know!] Just come in your best island-style wear and come happy!

Until then . . . . .

Commodore Mona-Lisa and Commodude Mike