Reports from the Bridge

Apr 2014

As my term as Commodore draws to an end, I look back and wonder at how the time has slipped by so quickly. Always so much to be done and yet the club as a whole depends on the same members to do it all. We’ve seen a small influx of new members over the past few years and I am left wondering what it would take to bring them forward, into the mix of things. Sponsors need to do much more than present new members for obligation. It’s up to those bringing new members to our fine facility to actively encourage and mentor them into being the kind of member that keeps our club moving forward and remaining one of the finest yacht clubs in our area that we can all continue to be proud of.

We have an excellent group of members who tirelessly take care of our clubs interest by managing our DNR leases, insurance requirements, floats, budgets, and investments. A huge time commitment has been made by our Marine Investment Committee who has assessed our current needs and is doing their best to inform the membership of our future needs.  If you have not yet heard or read about what’s going on in this specific area, you would do well to get up to speed on what’s going on. It will come down to a matter of money (doesn’t it always!) and our membership needs to make educated decisions because ultimately, we all pay for such decisions.  Our yacht club is a grand property we all are responsible in keeping it this way! In the past, Bob Lewis was highly involved on this committee making a number of presentations to the members. Last year Phil Mhoon took over the remainder of his position and continues to educate through presentations our need to focus on the clubs physical growth plan as well as ongoing maintenance.   To stay informed of details as they develop, attending the monthly e-Committee meetings (2nd Monday of each month) should be on your calendar. One gets a better grasp of what happens ‘behind the scenes’.  Meetings are open to all members.

Speaking of getting involved – our April 7th meeting  begins the process of nominations for new Bridge Officer(s), and Executive Committee Chairs. Please consider what more you can do and give to the future of our club. A nominating committee has been formed seeking out individuals to fill positions so, if you’re asked, please give it thoughtful consideration!    

On the social side, two more Commodore’s balls have been pleasantly enjoyed and this past month with only five more to go! Being a part of the Grand 14 has been a wonderful experience. Our class of Trident’s have meshed so well it’s hard to believe that we’ve only met a short 2-1/2 years ago! Our friendships and company amongst each other have become comfortable, easy, laid back!

To round out this month we’ve got:

April 7th & 21st  - First and Second nominations at the next two General Meetings. Final nominations and election will be held May 5th.

April 12th - Tacoma Yacht Club for the Daffodil parade and music trivia game on Saturday, April 12th. Members are encouranged to put on your BYC attire and join us for a fun time sipping the daffy drinks and gearing up for an afternoon and evening of laughs and dancing!

April 19th – Childrens Easter Egg Hunt

 And to wrap up my term:

May 3rd – Opening Day (at Queen City & Seattle Yacht Clubs) There is still opportunity to lend a hand: Helping hands needed to decorate our entry boat for Opening Day! Please contact me for details!

May 5th ­– Final nominations – ELECTIONS

May 9th – Awards Night

May 16th Installation of New Officers/Chairs

Thank you to all those members who have continued to show their support to this Bridge by giving of their time and positive influence.


Commodore Mona-Lisa Ryan