Reports from the Bridge

Mar 2014

The end is near - my journey through the chairs that is. Mike and I are enjoying Commodore Balls twice a month now and each time the experience is just as pleasurable as the last! Our get-togethers with our Grand 14 counterparts have changed from the Junior Officers weekend long events to a variety of pre-party celebrations amongst ourselves.  From our diverse backgrounds and interests, we have formed a cohesive group of Trident True comrades who sincerely welcome each other’s company beyond the boundaries of our clubs. Coming together in life’s celebrations and sorrows, we have shared personal parts of our lives that cement what our friendship is all about. 

While this journey has not always been pleasant nor smooth, it is an experience that I will treasure. I mention this because now is the time for members to consider seeking the next Rear Commodore. There are also elective positions that will need to be filled. Please speak with VC Norton if you have an interest in taking on an important role for the good of the club. You can make a difference!

Heavy Weather (Predicted Log Race) weekend event was successful due to the great number of members who participated at some level to keep tasks on track and running smoothly. To lighten the burden of a small group of members, I encourage more of you to step up to take on some piece of the action! Committees were smaller this go round and necessitated having some of the committee members having to work longer and harder. Please be the member you declared yourself to be at the time of your obligation! This is your club. Our events are successful only because of the members participating in them behind the scenes! Our pool of committee members should be larger than the same dedicated few. I can’t emphasize enough that members need to be more proactive in helping to keep our events moving forward and our club in good repair.

For the fun stuff – Our Fleet Captain, Paula Lewis has planned a cruise up to Poulsbo Marina for the St. Paddy’s Day fun event (03/14-16/14).

Our second meeting in March (3/17) will begin with a traditional corned beef ‘n cabbage dinner followed by the Seattle Yacht Club Trio giving their annual Opening Day presentation. 

April brings us to Tacoma Yacht Club’s Daffodil Boat Parade. This weekend event has festivities beginning on Friday night, a music Trivia contest Saturday, and the boat parade on Sunday! I’m calling out for member participation at TYC during this event to have a great show of support for Tacoma. Please refer to the schedule of events included in this edition of the Towline.

April is also the time we take nominations for elected positions. Nominations will be called for at both General Meetings in April.

May’s first General Meeting will be the final nomination opportunity for elected positions with elections to follow. Please consider what you can do for our beloved club! Step up and get involved. We’ll also have the Awards Night and Installation of new officers this month. Phew! This is a lot coming at us.  Again, please don’t wait to be asked – step up to lend a hand. There is plenty to do in a number of areas to get these events ready.  For the good of the club, lend a hand to make these coming events a positive experience while getting experience on what it takes to ready our club or lend your experience to those new members who have yet to get more involved. This is a great time for you sponsors to reconnect with those members you’ve sponsored into the club who have yet to get involved!

For any questions or enthusiastic offers of assistance, please contact me.

Thank you for your continued support!

Commodore Mona-Lisa Ryan