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Reports from the Bridge

Dec 2012

Holiday Greetings to All!

I’d like to start off by giving thanks to Jan Cordodor who was kind enough to chair the recent New Members Night (11/16). This free event was well attended – much more than the 84 members who signed up – but there was plenty of food and beverage to go around! She had a small but very efficient crew who prepared a delicious baked potato and salad bar complete with plenty of fixin’s followed up with ice cream and brownies. Thank you to the many members that attended, honoring our newest members to the club! Some of our newer members were noticeably absent, but with jobs requiring commuting, businesses to run, and little ones to care for, it’s understandable. Please do keep an eye out for those newer members when they do show up around the club so that you can introduce yourself and give them a personal welcome.

New Members Night was a great opportunity for me to engage a few of the ‘younger’ members once again on the subject of social events geared towards their interests and those which would also include their young children. One such event is almost upon us – the Tree Trimming party. Please read Rear Commodor Ray Norton’s column for details. Devon Reeves has agreed to be the point of contact in helping to plan and coordinate your ideas. One topic of great interest is a Texas Hold’em game night which would be by far, of greater interest to more of our membership than beer pong (lol!).

Some Friday Night Socials are being added to our calendar thanks to new members Dan and Rose Saikkonen. They have eagerly stepped up to host not one, not two, but three dance socials! We could call them lessons but don’t want to discourage those of you who already know what you’re doing out there on the dance floor! Both Dan and Rose are former dance instructors who would love help get the rest of us out their enjoying themselves too! Best of all – these socials will be FREE! It was decided that they would host these dance socials, provide music, as well as instruction for those seeking to learn or improve their skills. So mark you calendars:

Friday Night Dance Socials

January 11th, February 8th, and March 8th

All you have to bring is your enthusiasm along with an appetizer to share and your favorite beverage. Yes – this will be a casual pot-luck styled event that just happens to bring dancing into the mix!

The Taco Feed which has become widely popular each passing year is still slated for January 25, 2013. However I’ve yet to find a committed chairperson for this event. Remember that these events take some planning and coordination to happen at all. This is one of the easiest socials to put together, so please consider stepping up!

Special Peoples Cruise is almost upon us. I look forward to sharing about this in next months Towline. For now, I remain busy with the holiday preparations like most of you along with my duties as your Vice Commodore.

Take time to acknowledged the Blessings in your life and continue to be thankful. And remember the Reason for the Season.

My husband Mike and I wish a Happy Holiday and Joyful Christmas to one and all.
Mona-Lisa Ryan