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Reports from the Bridge

Nov 2012

Phew! Am I glad October has come to pass! It’s been a whirl wind of activities between our club and Grand 14 events for my husband and I. Following Tacoma Yacht Club’s Junior Officer’s Ball to the theme of Surfin’ Safari, we finally had our own to the theme of Arabian Night just a few weeks later (October 13th).

At the time of this writing, I think I’m finally fully rested from Rockin’ the Casbah with club members along with family and friends. Please read more about the Arabian Night event elsewhere in this Towline. Because here, I need to thank those who were committed to make it this event happen for all of us to enjoy. For myself and my husband Mike Ryan, and also for Rear Commodore Ray and Crystal Norton I’d like to thank the following members for helping to make our Arabian Night (aka Junior Officer’s Ball) a most colorful evening.

Sonny Gonzales for cleaning up the picnic shelter and setting up the tables and chairs on Thursday prior to our event. To our ever present Commodore Rob Bruins for taking it upon himself to mow the grass and blow out the leaves from the picnic shelter again. My own Captain Mike Ryan for sweeping those pesky leaves out one more time before our guest arrived. I’m sad to say that it was all for naught as the wind was powerful enough to bring all those leaves right back in!

Thursday evening was serious work to start creating the ‘tent’ that I envisioned. It took five rolls of white plastic sheeting – a total of 750 feet to just start the tenting process. Many thanks to Bob VanGeystel, Justin Adrian, Dick Nelson, and Tammy Franzen, for their stamina on the ladders. Jean Munsenberger, Cheryl VanGeystel, Alice Nelson, Sharon Billings were worked over the course of a few days to soften up the room and place or hang the draping fabrics on walls, over tables, and around pictures. I am indebted to Honorary Member Laurie VonRuden for helping in all these areas and so much more. She has shared the excitement of my vision, contributed exciting ideas, helped in creating the hand made invitations as well as adding the hand cut picture cut out that graced our windows. We both enjoyed shopping for all the colorful fabrics we used as well as finishing items that helped to set the ambiance.

While we were busy with decorating, in the Galley Terre Skelly was busy with her team of ladies preparing the most fabulous meal! Thanks to Toni Cutting, Joan Skelly, Connie Carlson, and Trina Carlson. The Sunday breakfast crew as also small but mighty! Thanks to newer members Anna Laurie, Mike and Linnea Laird, and PC Dave and Beth Bacthel. I cannot recall working a breakfast crew as efficient, quick, and self directed as this crew.

On October 19th, Jyette and PC Bob Wheeler hosted the 12 annual Oktoberfest. Along with their committee , they prepared and served about 125 traditional Oktoberfest meals. The fresh sausages were once again delicious, the beer wonderfully satisfying, and Jyette’s black forest cake just as fantastic as always! Once again, we were entertained by the Happy Wanderer’s Accordion Band who were gracious to us by changing their performance schedule to accommodate our event. Many even brought their 10th anniversary beer stein that was issued two years ago for a refill . The beer was just as tasty for those of us who didn’t get the stein at that time (because we didn’t attend that year!)

To each and every one of these folks I(and please forgive me if I’ve missed a name or two!) , I give great thanks for giving your time and energy for these club events.

We’ve got more coming! New Members Night is November 16th. Jan Cordodor is heading up this event and I hope you’ll make her efforts worthwhile by coming out to help make all our new members get acquainted with the rest of us. If you’re ‘new’ within the past year, this event is for you! Come meet the rest of us, ask questions, get to know us as we’d like to get to know you!

I’m talking it up with some members to get some Friday night socials scheduled. We’re looking at some basic dance lessons, game night, and even a scrapbooking evening. Have something special in mind? Please let me know. Remember this is your club. How do you want to be social? We know some of our newer members have young children, so we’d like to plan something with them in mind too. I just need you to help make it happen. So, whatever your idea, bring it on! Let’s make something happen!

Looking forward to seeing you at the club!

Vice-Commodore Mona-Lisa Ryan