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Reports from the Bridge

Oct 2012

Our membership, like any other organization, tends to have the same folks participating in ongoing activities while others stay away due to other life interests. This is to be expected since most of us are multi-faceted when it comes to our lives commitments, obligations, and interests. Most of us hear the same rumblings that 'it's the same 'ol people coming' to the events. It's okay!

Consider that many of 'those people' have been members for a long time and have relaxed into other interests (grandchildren, traveling in their RV's, stamp collecting, star gazing and the like). Like jelly fish, some of these same people float back into the center of activities while others simply bob along the edges of excitement only to convince themselves that 'I've done that already' and drift right on by. It's okay!

Please don't let exclude yourself from the social activities at our club based on who attends – or not. You are the reason we have committees spending their time to plan and execute our events. If you don't attend how can we feel good about all our efforts? Please don't disappoint those of us who work so hard to bring the planned events to the club for your enjoyment.

Having said that, I'll step off my milk crate and share with you what fun some of us have enjoyed lately.

The Salmon Bake [September 9th] was a great success. Thanks goes out to chair JD Weiner and his large committee for presenting us with the most delicious salmon yet! A total of 61 appreciative members and guests were in attendance enjoying not only the fine meal, but superb weather to boot. The threat of rain was a tease and no one had to run for cover. With the fireplace going under the shelter we had a bit of ambiance too. If you've missed out on this event, don't worry. There are more good times on the immediate horizon!

You are all invited to Rock the Casbah at our Arabian Night costume ball on Saturday, October 13th. Okay, it's historically referred to as the Junior Officer's Ball, but it sounded too formal. And I promise you – this evening event will be anything but formal! So, if you're inclined to dress up in appropriate costume (think 'I dream of Jeannie', belly dancers, shieks – are you getting the picture?) Rear Commodore Ray Norton and Crystal along with myself and my husband, Mike Ryan, would love to share a great time with you. Don't want to dress in costume? No worries, you'll be most welcome to attend anyway. After all, it's the pleasure of your company we're seeking!

The following week on Friday, October 19th, Jyette Wheeler and her committee will be doing another presentation of her infamous Ocktober Fest. I hope you'll remember to sign up as this is a well attended event and no signup, no dinner!

During the Labor Day weekend down at our outstation I had some great discussions with several (not quite so new) members about changes they'd like to see at some of the social events. Granted, with the same members attending the same events all the time, it does have the familiar flavor of what those members like – as it should, since they're the consistent attendees. However, our mission is to include all members and we need to consider how we can encourage and entice them into the fold.

I've been contacted by a few of these 'younger/newer' members recently and we'll be working towards getting some get-togethers established for them to meet each other as well as their children. Our first 'happy hour' for The Younger Set (TYS) was put together very quickly for the last Friday of September beginning at 5:30 pm. At this writing, I cannot report how it all went down, but I look forward to some positive feed back on how it was received and what changes will be recommended by TYS. Basically we want to get these younger members into the club along with their young children. I hope that the beastly scavenger hunt in the works will excite the children to want to come one down – even for just a few hours. So for you 'younger' folks, please don't be shy to give me a call or shoot me an email with your suggestions as to what windows of time you feel are beneficial to you and your family. I'm anxious to work with any and all of you to help you get the most out of your club.

Hope to see you 'round the club soon!

VC Mona-Lisa Ryan