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Reports from the Bridge

Sep 2012

Was this a great NW Summer or what!? I know that some of you have enjoyed your annual cruise away from the home port, while others of you have grabbed time on the boat in much shorter snippets of time. Which ever way you enjoyed your boat, I hope you've returned with renewed energy and are ready to join along with us in having some great social time together. After all, isn't that what you've joined our fine club for?

Immediately following the weekend cruise down to Oro Bay (Labor Day weekend) we start the social season off with our Salmon Bake hosted by JD Weiner. Along with his fine crew, we'll be served up with the most delicious salmon, as we've come to expect each year. I hope that the member turn out will be great to honor the efforts put forth by JD and his crew!

As I've come to cross paths with many of our newer (3 years or less) members, both in 'n around the club and out in the community, I've asked "Why don't I see you?" at our club events. Im perplexed with the immediate response of "I'm/We're just so busy!" This is followed by my usual retort of "Pul-LEASE!" Busy? REALLY?! Don't worry! I wont get started on that line! I just want y'all to know that we count on member attendance to make our efforts worthwhile. After all, if not for you, then who?

September is a busy month for me as well. Aside from the Monday meetings, My Captain and I will be attending two Junior Officer's Balls (Rainer Yacht Club [Sept 7-9] and Tacoma Yacht Club [Sept 21-23]), interspersed with working my 'real' job in the day hours, followed by working my 'other' job in Pierce County in the evening, AND concurrently planning our own ball next month. [Okay, that was really just to let you know how much I understand the 'busy' comment!) I do what I have to do and love doing the things I love to do. And that is the life of a responsible party girl at heart.

I hope I have your attention now, because I'd like to motivate and inspire you all to get ready for next month's Arabian Night's event which is to say we plan to Rock the Casbah! Now, if you're really busy, then this is a great event to put on your calendar to attend. This event is definitely a means in which you should attend to let loose all the pent up frustrations and energy you've been burdened with! Come to give yourself up to the allure of the Casbah and all that will be offered during this magical night!

Rock the Casbah during our Arabian Night's themed event is sure to set some mouths a-waggin'! Come see for yourself first hand what the talk will be all about. You wont experience any regret by coming out to enjoy yourselves with the rest of us in all our bright colors and the sound of all those coin belts jingling . . . . Id really love to see you there!

To find out what social other social events are coming ,check our web site frequently as well as checking the announcement board in our lobby.

Until I see you hope you have a most pleasurable day!

VC Mona-Lisa Ryan