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Reports from the Bridge

Apr 2013

My husband and I have just finished attending the last of 14 Junior Officer's Balls (03/16/13) at Olympia Yacht Club and the memory of all of them will certainly be with us for years to come. During the first year as Rear Commodore, our class spent the most of our social time getting acquainted.

So now we move forward with nominations for our Flag Officers this month with the final nomination and vote coming at our first General Meeting in May. Please plan to attend the meetings. Your vote is important. Your participation is encouraged. Yacht Club's JO Ball!

Special thanks goes out to Captain Dick Nelson for leading the Nomination Committee which includes Captains Mark Danielson and PC Bill Rumbold.

For you newer members who have yet to become actively involved in our fine club, it's not too late. There are a variety of positions that are available and need to be filled. Please keep in mind that all operations and events within our club are dependent on the active participation of the members. It has been long stated by members of the Grand 14 -past and present- that Bremerton Yacht Club is the finest of all.

Sponsors of our newer members should be encouraging them to jump in and participate. Each of us has a talent or skill that can be utilized to the betterment of our club. Offering your assistance at any level would be welcomed by any Flag Officer or Committee Chairperson.

It has been wonderful serving as your Vice Commodore this past year and a great pleasure for me personally. I do hope that I have your continued support as I seek to become your Commodore.

Looking forward to seeing you at our club events!.
VC Mona-Lisa Ryan