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Reports from the Bridge

Mar 2013

Having caught the flu bug upon my return from California, I secluded myself so as not to share it with family and friends alike. So, for those who have asked where I've been hiding - I was tucked away in the comfort of my bed, sufficiently medicated and trying my best to get back into both work and play! It's amazing that my own Captain was able to take care of me for two solid weeks and only suffer the sniffles himself!  All my attempts to shake the bug did not come soon enough.

I knew I needed to take care of myself, so there was no hesitation to stay away from both the E-Committee and second General meeting in February  as  well as a Super Bowl party, the crab feed, the Fox Trot Dance Social, and our monthly 6-Pak dinner. But miss a Junior Officer's Ball!? No way! Playing dress up for all these balls as we visit the other clubs within the Grand 14 is an event we both look forward to. With the theme of "Happily Ever After", my husband and I immediately agreed that going as a Bride and Groom would be a wonderful testament to our 38 years together. Days before the event, I readied my original wedding dress and steamed the tux in preparation. Then it was back to bed! Alas, the cootie bug was not going anywhere! My vision of playing a re-enactment of our wedding day was not going to happen for us at the Poulsbo Yacht Club's JO Ball!

That said, I'm glad I recovered well enough to take part in the 79th annual Heavy Weather weekend. My thanks to a small but mighty crew whose focus and smooth coordination of tasks made the Friday evening event a great success. My gratitude to Tammy Franzen, Lee Derror, Rose and Dan Saikkonen, Brian and Cathy Shawley, Beverly Frye, Shayna McKinnon, Laurie VonRuden, and my husband Mike Ryan! Each of these members contributed their time and efforts to add final touches to the dining area, and make the simple meal of a baked potato/salad/chili taste as wonderful as it looked! Just as important in their roles were our sound technicians - Gary Williams and JR Collier, Jr. Everyone worked in great harmony with each other and made it a no stress event for me to handle. Thanks to each and every one of you!

The depth of my gratitude to the following folks is in no way diminished by the delay of expressing my thanks: Dan and Rose Saikkonen for hosting the 2nd Dance Social (Fox Trot) on February 8th. While both of the dance socials (the first was in January) did not have a large turnout, those members who participated stated that it was a pleasurable time. It should be noted that the third Dance Social (slated for March 8th) has been cancelled due to a conflict in scheduling for Dan. The Crab Feed hosted by Brett and Lynetta Halffman also experienced a lower than expected attendance, but again those attending expressed high marks for the meal served as well as the raffle prizes that were presented.  Thanks to all of you as well as your committee staff  for making these events come to life yet again for the membership.

Before we know it, the end of my term as your Vice Commodore will quickly be upon us. Next month begins nominations to fill positions being vacated and NOW is the time for all members to consider how individually you can make a contribution towards the operations and guidance of our club. There are many of you who have talents that would appreciated in helping to keep our club growing - both on the social and business side. EVERYONE has at the very least the gift of time which can be offered up to the club in some way - large or small. Together we can make a difference in keeping our club in top shape as well as creating opportunities for members to continue to come together to celebrate our boating interests and nurture club friendships.

Please listen with an open mind if you are approached by the Nominating Committee with the opportunity to serve our club in some way. Know that your talents are recognized as a valuable asset that can help our club continue to grow as well as to maintain the social events that we've all come to appreciate.

I remain proud to be your Vice Commdore . . . .
VC Mona-Lisa Ryan