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Reports from the Bridge

Feb 2013

With the new year comes a new round of events that are being coordinated for the pleasure of our members. Being the over-seer of our social events is a duty that involves motivating others to join in by way of committees to actually plan and coordinate said events. Iíve always felt that I was pretty good at this, as a matter of fact! However, Iím noticing a shift of interest. While members have the expectation that the Ďtraditionalí socials remain on our calendar, itís become quite the task in getting members to step into the position of actually chairing the event.

Imagine if you will the time and effort it takes to plan and coordinate a given event. You arrive to the event that you look forward to enjoying in full relaxation mode, and suddenly youíre being asked to help in a service mode. This is not an ideal situation for either the individual making a last minute plead for help, nor for the party-goer. The unexplained happens and we need to make adjustments. It happens. And it happened recently at a very large event.

The turn out of BYC members to the Poulsbo Yacht Clubís New Yearís Eve celebration was impressive. Merrilynn Maas-Jones, a member of both clubs, deserves serious recognition for all her efforts in preparing a wonderful dinner menu. BYC guests Jean Munzenberger. and Kevin Pisani jumped right in to help serve and my husband Mike Ryan took time to assist a PYC couple in getting the mountain of dishes processed through for the dishwasher. Just prior to this particular eventís start time, it was learned that a few critical crew members were no longer available to assist. These members graciously stepped up when asked at the last minute. On behalf of our NYE Chairperson, Merrilynn and myself, I canít thank these members enough for all the energy they gave for this event.

Moving forward, there are more events on the schedule which, in order to be successful, need helpers for setup and clean up and every task in-between! If youíre an active member youíve probably been attending and helping with these events because you know just how much effort it takes.

If youíre a newer member (brand new to 3-5 years old) and havenít yet made yourself available to help with any of these events, this is my plead to you specifically:

In joining our fine club it was noted to the membership your desire to become a valued asset to our club. Perhaps you believe that you donít possess a skill worthy of participating on any of our committees? I can assure you that everyone is capable of being a valued member of any of the numerous committees our club has going! Each and every one takes a leader and many helpers. Donít want to be a leader? Fine! You will be just as valued as a helper.

Itís been said by others long before me, and will be repeated throughout time: ďMany hands make the job light.Ē We all appreciate having an event to come to that brings friendship, conversation, laughter, and the sharing of our boating adventures. These cannot happen with just a few for the benefit of many. Each of us need to be mindful of how we can contribute to well-being of our club Ė be it social or business. YOU can make a difference! Please answer the call for assistance when Ďweí come to you.

Stepping of my soap box, Iíd like to remind everyone to sign up for the Crab Feed [February 2nd]. Hosts/Chair Brett. and Lynetta Haffman have delivered a great feast time and again for the last 7 years! If you donít favor crab, they do offer an alternative entrťe.

The second Dance Social Ė Fox Trot [February 8th] follows with Dan and Rose Saikkonen providing the music and instruction for those needing it. For those already well versed on the dance floor Ė come anyway! Itís fun to have a knowledgeable partner to practice with.

The third (and final so far) Dance Social Ė Swing Dance will take place March 8th.

The next two months will definitely be a social whirlwind for my Captain and I. With two JO Ball this month and my final JO Ball in March mixed with all our own events, Iím sure to be in full smile mode!

Looking forward to seeing you at the next event!
VC Mona-Lisa Ryan