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Reports from the Bridge

Jan 2013

Happy New Year!

My husband and I hope that you’ve all enjoyed the holiday season and hand many opportunities to be with those you hold near and dear to your heart.

Once again I enjoyed being the Voice of Santa during the Saturday evening cruise of our annual Lighted Boat Parade. I have Jean Munzenburger to thank for being my last minute assistant with the back up laptop. Despite our best efforts, technical difficulties were encountered and some children’s names were not shouted out on mark. I agreed with my worthy assistant and crew (PC Charlie Billings and Captain Dick Nelson) that it would be appropriate to repeat many of the names hoping that the sound waves would still reach those folks eagerly awaiting on shore. The spirit of the season always puts me in a happy mood, but nothing is more satisfying that being a part of the Lighted Boat Parade for our community.

And speaking of being a part of such club events – if you haven’t already done so, mark your calendars for these upcoming:


Dance Social – Enjoying the Waltz – 7:00 pm
New Members Dan and Rose Saikkonen will lead us in technique for those needing instruction. This is a potluck styled appetizer event. All are welcome. Please bring your favorite beverage!
Taco Feed (details not available at print time)
Jean Munzenburger and Kevin Pisani have stepped up to chair this popular event and are seeking committee helpers. Please give either of them a call to offer some assistance.


Crab Feed – 1:00 pm
Another popular event Chaired again by Lynetta and Brett Halffman

Lynetta has offered an alternative entree if you are like me and don't appreciate crab.

Please let her know because we don’t want you to miss this popular event. There are usually raffle prizes that are worthy of your attendance!

Dance Social – Enjoying the Fox Trot – 7:00 pm
Dan and Rose Saikkonen will lead us in the second of three dance socials. Please see details from January.

February Mike and I will get back into the attending the final three Junior Officer’s Balls – two in February and the last one in March. It has been a blast to play dress up for all the themed JO Balls, complete with relaxed conversations, drinks, great food, and dancing. This is also the month for our big Heavy Weather Log Race Event! So with our calendar filled, we do look for the support of the members to help us bring about a successful outcome.

Members who haven’t been involved for awhile, please heed our call for assistance. New members, please find the time to lend a hand. All our club events take more energy and physical effort than we can handle ourselves. We really do depend on the helping hands of you, the membership, to bring about a successful event that we’d all like to attend. Please don’t hesitate to jump right on in in any capacity possible. We’d welcome and appreciate you!

Looking forward to meeting you around the club, and most especially working with you!

Mona-Lisa Ryan
Vice Commodore