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Reports from the Bridge

December 2012


You don't need a Parachute to Skydive. You only need a Parachute to Skydive Twice!
Thomas Sowell


Over the past three or four months many of you took advantage of the mysterious “free rope” in the barrel at the top of the brow. You remember… nice blue barrel with 6,000+ feet of brand new rope with a sign “FREE” attached to it? So many BYC Members took advantage of this wonderful opportunity that every time the barrel was emptied, like magic; it was filled with another 6,000 + feet of brand new rope. Some of you may have known that the rope was courtesy of our longtime Member Jim Skelly but for those of you that didn’t know, Kudos Corner breaks the story! Jim had several options by which to dispose of the rope but he took the extra effort, on our behalf, to transport the rope to the BYC. He did this not just once, but approximately ten times. So, for those of you that took advantage of the “free rope” but did not know where the rope came from (as well as those that did know) next time you see Jim, give him a big Thank You!

When you get a minute, visit your Club’s website at and see the great work Jerry Wein has been doing. As the Rear Commodore, I needed to make certain the information regarding the Lighted Boat Parades was up to date and easily accessible to those that visit the site. Jerry not only did superb job in getting all the information up but he also did it with great speed, creativity, accuracy and follow-up. As a result of the “upgrades” Jerry brought to the site for the Lighted Boat Parades I was compelled to take a more in-depth tour of the site myself and, I must say, Jerry has developed our website into a first rate technology tool. Thank you, Jerry, not only for your expertise, but in providing it to the Club in such a professional and timely manner. We all look forward to the additional enhancements you have planned!


The weekend of October 28th found Crystal and me at the Everett Yacht Club for their Junior Officer’s Ball. As this was our first visit to the Everett Yacht Club, we were looking forward to enjoying a new boating venue aside from the Ball itself. From the moment we tied up the boat, Crystal and I were quite impressed by the hospitality of the EYC Members as well as their facilities and we enjoyed the weekend of events very much. From the Friday night “social” with our fellow Stingrays, to the Saturday night “Out of This World” themed Ball, to the Sunday morning breakfast buffet and meetings, the weekend was non-stop fun (and food)! Not only that but the seas for our trip North to the EYC on Friday morning were calm as were the seas for our trip South heading home on Sunday. The weather on Saturday, while we were tied up to the dock, however, was very wet with winds in the 25 knot range. Perfect timing!


I’ve been providing gentle reminders for two months that the Holiday Season is coming up quickly. By the time you read this it will have arrived and we will have gotten the clubhouse decorated and, most likely, already had the Kid’s Decorating Party. With those two events in the Rear View, that leaves the Lighted Boat Parades on December 14 and 15 as the balance of my responsibilities for the Holidays (with the exception of returning the clubhouse to its natural state the week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve!). It is not too late to be a part of the Lighted Boat Parades. Don’t wait to jump in and join the fun because the Parades, like the Holiday Season itself, will be over before you know it. To close out 2012 in grand style, please plan on being a part of the Bremerton/Poulsbo Yacht Club’s joint New Year’s Eve party at the Poulsbo Yacht Club. See the Vice Commodore’s article for details concerning this event.

With best personal regards,
Ray Norton