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Reports from the Bridge

September 2012


A good deal happens in a man's life that he isn't responsible for. Fortunate things do occur but it is best to remember that such "breaks" are occurring all the time and that other things being equal, the advantage goes to the man who is ready. Lawrence Downs


End of summer Kudos to PC2 Leo Longenecker and Stacy, Dana and Toni Cutting, Bob and Cheryl VanGeystel for their superb work and effort in organizing the last of the 2012 Picnics in the Park (see below).

Special "Bridge Officer" kudos to our Commodore, Rob Bruins, for always taking whatever time is needed to provide true leadership, offer suggestions and answer my never ending questions. I know I speak for our Vice Commodore, as well, when I say thanks!

Extra special London Olympics kudos to BYC member Justin Adrian's brother Nathan for winning two gold and one silver medals at the London Olympics! We can all hardly wait for the 2016 Rio de Janeiro games!!


The August Picnic in the Park was, as promised, another in a long line of successful events. Chaired by Dana and Toni Cutting with top notch support from PC2 Leo Longenecker and Stacy, the VanGeystels (Bob and Cheryl) this last Picnic of the year was a perfect example of the way our Members get together and have fun. While many Members were out cruising and taking advantage of summer activities, they still managed to attract a turnout of 70 + - members! With their crew of Andy and Nancy Kupp, PC Darin Haustveit and Nancy and Abby Neil, the all American menu of hot dogs with all the trimmings, potato salad and baked beans, topped off with ice cream sundaes was just the perfect way to close out the 2012 Picnic in the Park series. Eating a hot dog with friends has never been so much fun! Thanks again to Leo, Stacy, Dana, Toni, Bob, Cheryl, Andy, Nancy, Darin, Nancy and Abby. Well done!

The weekend of the 10th through the 12th of August saw the annual Grand 14 Cruise-In at the Club. This is a gathering of the Commodores, Vice Commodores and the newly elected class of Rear Commodores from the Grand 14 Clubs. This Cruise-In is the first opportunity for all of the newly elected Rear Commodores to meet each other and, after having spent the last weekend with our counterparts from the Grand 14, Crystal and I are looking forward to sharing the next three years of our lives (and beyond) with the rest of our “Class of 15”. Tradition has it that during our first meeting together the Rear Commodores select a mascot (we are the Stingrays), a Class “song” (we re-created the Addams Family theme song with the lyrics severely modified), Class “colors” (we chose cobalt blue and metallic silver) and fill the leadership positions. We had a blast doing all of these things while getting to know each other and making plans for nurturing our new friendships. Crystal and I now realize that those who have gone before us and shared with us their experience with the instant friendships, camaraderie and fun achieved by going through the chairs were not exaggerating but, rather, actually understating those benefits.


Merry Christmas!

Huh? I know, it's only September but that means it will only be 90 + - days until our annual Lighted Boat Parades on December 14th and 15th (and maybe only two weeks before the stores start their annual "we got our Holiday stuff out first" competition?). With these thoughts in mind, I want to invite all Members to be thinking about how you can decorate your boat and be a part of this annual "community" event. Each year we get many letters from the community thanking us for staging this Holiday tradition. Many families along the parade routes have an annual family and friends "get together" to watch the boats as they pass by and tens of thousands of names have been submitted over the years for our Santa to say "Hello" to. All this to say that the Lighted Boat Parade is probably the biggest event the Club does when it comes to being a member of our community and it won’t take much to put together some decorations for your boat and join in the fun! Ask around about decorating ideas for your boat and get a jump on making it happen! The more the Merrier!

With best personal regards,

Ray Norton