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Reports from the Bridge

August 2012


In life, as in chess, forethought wins. Charles Buxton


I am pleased to announce that Justin Adrian and Ben Myers will be rounding out our four person set-up committee this year Chaired, once again, by Jim Mills. This is a committee that most often works out of the spotlight but provides us all with a place to sit for our General Membership and E-Committee meetings as well as working feverishly to reconfigure the main clubhouse several times each Heavy Weather weekend. As noted in last month’s Towline, new member Michael Docker will be joining Jim, Justin and Ben to make sure we are always set-up properly for each of our activities and events.

The timing of the first two Picnics in the Park allows me the opportunity to recognize not only Rich and Leslie Hunt for chairing the wildly successful June Picnic and event Chairs Al and Joanne Gonzalez for the July Picnic but also Jim Chiles, whose skill and dedication to culinary excellence provided what was, once again, a delectable feast for 150 (+ -) people on July 11th.


As I began writing this article, some of us were wondering if the two wonderful days of weather we enjoyed during the Memorial Day cruise to Oro Bay way back in May were, in fact, our 2012 summer. Still cool weather (upper 50’s) would normally indicate we have a full slate of 3 Picnics in the Park to look forward to. A Reality Check (wouldn’t that make a great name for a boat…?), however, tells us that two of the three Picnics are already in the books and that we only have one left.

Speaking of which, the June Picnic in the Park was, as promised, both well-organized and well attended. Chaired by Rich and Leslie Hunt, the event hosted 90 (+ -) Members and guests who enjoyed summertime favorites such as hot dogs, sliders (burgers) and pasta salad. Working hard to not only make sure everyone had enough to eat but that they had a good time doing so was Rich and Leslie’s event crew of new members Ben and Devon Reeves and more seasoned members Rod Loudin and Rick Young. In addition Chal and Reina Davidson (who are also new members and owners of Der Blokken Brewery in Manette) pitched in. I think I’m seeing a road trip in our future?! Thanks to all that helped as well as all those that attended. Well done!!

The June Picnic in the Park enjoyed a relatively short time in the limelight as the July Picnic in the Park (aka The Pig Roast) followed closely behind on July 11.

Chaired by Al and Joanne Gonzalez, who were ably assisted by new members Michael Docker and John Carlson as well as veteran helpers Rick & Marilee Ormiston, Paula Lewis, Rick Young, Ray Gorsky, PC Don Floyd, Laurie Von Ruden, PC Don Park, Abbie Dunn and Dianne Sengstock. Also there to pitch in were Al and Joanne’s daughter Janene Gonzalez and her friend Maria Smith. To make it a true family effort, it was wonderful to have David Gonzalez be able to join us, update us on his recent battle with cancer and thank the Members present for their thoughts, cards, letters and prayers as he fought the battle. Nicely done, David!

The event was, once again a HUGE success. If pig roasting was an Olympic event, there is no doubt Jim Chiles would bring home the gold! Thank you so much, Jim, for all your hard work and time. The payoff was most definitely worth it to all the 150 (+ -) people that attended.


The August Picnic in the Park, slated for 8/15, promises to be every bit as good as both the June and July events. Please be sure to sign up to attend this last 2012 Picnic in the Park Chaired by Dana and Toni Cutting.

Mark your calendars for August 10th through the 12th when the BYC will be hosting the annual Grand 14 Cruise-In. This will be a large gathering of boats and people so a little advance preparation might be in order for some of us.

To that end, if you are moored in one of the first four slips/sheds eastbound from Poverty Row and will need access to your boat during that weekend, please make plans to move your boat from your slip prior to 12:00 on Friday the 10th. We will be stern tying the visiting Commodores’ boats between “A” and “B” strings and the visiting Vice-Commodores’ boats between “B” and “C” strings. In addition, if any of you plan on being gone that weekend and would be willing to allow a visiting Rear Commodore to use your slip/shed, we would very much appreciate your generosity in that regard. Please let me know as soon as possible so we can plan appropriately. You can email me at:


As the Bridge Officer responsible for Reciprocity (reciprocal Club members using our facilities as well as our use of Club facilities with whom we have reciprocal agreements) I want to provide clarification and/or a reminder regarding the rules of reciprocity.

Please be aware and respect the provision that inter-club reciprocal agreements specifically prohibit reciprocal use of any and all “outstation” properties thereby limiting reciprocal use to each Club’s primary facilities. Reciprocity agreements with other Clubs are a significant benefit to being a member of our Yacht Club. Recognizing and conforming to any limits placed on reciprocity by each club (i.e. time of stay, boat size restrictions, rafting accommodations, etc.) as well as their security procedures, power charges etc. are critical to maintaining our established reciprocal privileges.

So, when planning to take advantage of our reciprocal privileges, be sure you know the rules before you go and follow them once you arrive. If you need assistance regarding reciprocity, please contact our Reciprocity Chairman, Roy Holland.


For some of the newer Members that have not yet had an opportunity to take advantage of our reciprocal privileges, when you do you will become aware of just how spectacular our Club and facilities are when compared to our fellow Yacht Clubs in the greater Puget Sound area. Some of the more visible differences include our incredible picnic/park facilities, our haul-out capabilities and our self-service fueling capacity.

Less visible, however, is the difference our Members make. Shining examples would certainly include those Members that planned for and built the picnic shelter, the fueling facilities, the new deck and our Oro Bay outstation. Also deserving of our thanks, however, are those Members that maintain the railway, the fuel pier and the rest of our House & Grounds, Chair our committees, etc., etc., etc. It is because of the exceptional efforts of the Members that step forward to lend a hand when asked or, better yet, simply volunteer to undertake not only the major projects but the fun, social events as well, that our Club continues to be the envy of the boating community in Puget Sound. It is the Members that make the Bremerton Yacht Club the outstanding organization it is and I hope to be able to include, at least once, the name of every Member in at least one of my Kudos Korner segments while I am serving as a Bridge Officer for the Club. Thank you in advance to all that will work to make that goal a reality!With best personal regards,

Ray Norton
Rear Commodore