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Reports from the Bridge

Jul 2012

People who try to do something and fail are infinitely better than people who try to do nothing and succeed. Lloyd Jones

I didn’t think it would take very long to publish kudos for Al and Joanne Gonzalez and, sure enough, here we are in only the second Towline of the New Year and I’m dishing out kudos to Al & Joanne for agreeing to chair the Pig Roast in July. Since this is such a special event I wanted to appoint a chairperson with vast experience in successfully spearheading major Club events and who better than everyone’s favorite Puerto Rican! We can all rest assured that in his capable hands the event will be a great success.

“Jumping right in” kudos to new member Michael Docker for stepping up to help at the Pig Roast in July as well as joining the Set-Up committee! Thanks Michael, you’re already a role model for us all!

Speaking of role models, John Carlson (Jr.) is following in his father’s footsteps as a contributing Member of the Club and will be working hard as part of the Pig Roast committee. Thanks John! You’ll meet lots of great Members and have fun doing it!

Last, but certainly not least, BIG kudos to Lori Armstrong and Mary Lilly for agreeing to be our Stewards for the next year. I offer “BIG” kudos to Lori and Mary on behalf of all those that attend the General Membership meetings each month, thinking that the bigger the kudos for the stewards the better the treats for the Members?

As we’ve had no Rear Commodore Club activities on which to report as of this writing (you’ll be getting a glowing report, I’m sure, on the Hunt’s Picnic in the Park held June 20 in the next issue), I want to take a moment to share what it has been like to combine the fun of recruiting committee chairs and members with cell phone technology. The Sunday after the Commodore’s Ball, I made two calls – the first reached Cheryl VanGeystel in Virginia as she was helping her kids move (actually, at the time I called, she was a passenger in a car looking for the grocery store and, as we talked, was giving directions to the driver on what turns to make to get to the store!). The second call I made reached Justin Adrian on the beach, on Maui, on the first day of his honeymoon! I offered my apologies for the interruption of honeymoon activities and consented to having a discussion when they get back. I’m confident the rest of their honeymoon created better memories than getting a call from me! Just goes to show that you never know where your call might end up when dialing a cell phone number!

The excitement is building for the Pig Roast on July 11. Earlier this month I had to assure Jim Chiles, pig roaster extraordinaire, that he had not been replaced by a new member of the Club by the name of Jim Childs (as I mistakenly spelled his name in last months’ Towline). Sorry Jim and another thank you for agreeing to treat us all, once again, to a very special culinary event.

Speaking of the Pig Roast, we will need to have all the names for those that want to attend the Pig Roast no later than July 6 so Jim will know what size pig to get. The sign-up sheet will be posted on June 26, the Monday following Rich and Leslie Hunt’s June Picnic in the Park. If you want to attend the Pig Roast but cannot make it into the Club to sign up, just call the store and ask them to add your name to the list. It is VERY important that we have all attendees pre-registered so Jim can be sure to get a large enough pig to feed all diners. We don’t want to have to turn folks away that didn’t sign up!

While the Pig Roast on July 11 promises to be a hard act to follow, the August 15 Picnic in the Park will most assuredly be the perfect finish the 2012 Picnic in the Park series. To be chaired by Dana and Toni Cutting, with dedicated assistance provided by Bob and Cheryl VanGeystel, this picnic event will no doubt give the June and July events a run for their money for being considered the “best of the best”. Be sure to sign up and enjoy, with all your BYC friends, this the last picnic of the year.

With best personal regards,

Ray Norton
Rear Commodore