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Reports from the Bridge

May 2013


You can’t build a reputation on what you’re going to do.
Henry Ford


While some of our Members are so busy working they are not able to enjoy the Club as much as they might like, they somehow still find the time to contribute to Club. One shining example is Ed Heuss and just one recent example of his selfless work on behalf of the Club follows:

In February he was contacted to ask for his help in determining the best material to use for raising and covering the damaged area in the "Park" parking lot. Without hesitation, Ed came to the Club and made a recommendation. He then followed up within a few days using his time, equipment and skills in spreading the appropriate gravel in a manner that required no further effort or expense on the Club’s part. He did not charge us for his time, equipment or services and made the area (and the Club) look good to all our Heavy Weather visitors. Most Members would never have known of this (or any of his other selfless contributions to the Club) because he seeks no recognition for his deeds by others, he just does them. This month’s Kudos Corner is intended to shine the light on a most deserving Member. Next time you see Ed, let him know you appreciate all his efforts on our behalf.


The annual Easter Egg Hunt/Party was held on March 30th this year and, from all accounts, it was a resounding success. Attendance included approximately 35 kids who asked their parents and grandparents to join them in the fun so we had a really great turnout and the weather was absolutely perfect! The event began, however, in a somewhat hurried manner with the Egg Hunt in the Picnic Shelter/Park area of the Club. I say it was “hurried” because it was determined that whoever was tasked with informing the birds that the plastic eggs filled with goodies were not for them failed in their task when it was noticed that broken plastic eggs, candy wrapping paper and foil was scattered about the area. So, the Egg Hunt was begun in a hurry so the kids would have some intact eggs left to find! All the participants then retreated to the Clubhouse to enjoy cookies and games as well as a photo op session with the soft, cuddly and mute BYC Easter Bunny!


The Tacoma Yacht Club’s annual Daffodil Festival celebration will be the weekend of the 19th of April and the Seattle Yacht Club’s annual Opening Day of Boating Season weekend of partying and boating will be the weekend of May 3rd. Crystal and I will be taking our boat to participate in both of these activities representing the BYC and, as always, are looking forward to the experience. I’ll provide details (worthy of publication) of our exploits in the June Towline!


At the April 1, 2013 Regular Business Meeting the Club approved a new By-Law that makes the Towline the official publication of the BYC. In addition, it directs that the Towline will be published electronically. Members will no longer receive a hard copy in the mail each month via USPS. Rather, the Towline will be available via the web with the publication date being no later than the last day of each month. This change will save the Club approximately $5,000 per year and will allow for more content, without any additional cost, when needed.

With warm personal regards,
Ray Norton