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Reports from the Bridge

Apr 2013


No one can whistle a symphony…it takes an orchestra to play it.
H. E. Luccock


This month’s edition of Kudos Corner is an advance Kudo to all of you that will be volunteering to take a leadership role in our Club. Our annual selection of leaders, both elected and appointed, is just around the corner with Nominations for elected Officers having begun by the time this goes to publication.

Many of you reading this have already experienced the satisfaction of having served in both elected as well as appointed positions for the Club. Without the dedication of those that have gone before us to be leaders of the Club, we would not be the exceptional yacht club we are today. Without quality Members stepping up now to carry on in the traditions that brought us to this point, we will not be able to maintain our superior ranking among the Grand 14.

So, make this Kudos Corner about YOU! Let the Nominating Committee know you want to participate and play a role in keeping our Club the envy of Puget Sound.


The weekend of February 22nd found your Rear Commodore and Crystal at the Seattle Yacht Club for their Junior Officers’ Ball. For the black tie event theme of “Casablanca”, we received our “Transit Papers” upon arrival along with a reminder of what Transit Papers were in Morocco during WW ll and how valuable they were. For those of you that recall the movie Casablanca, picture the events in and the surroundings of “Rick’s American Café” and you’ll be able to envision the night we had. From the moment we arrived via boat on Thursday to the fond farewells following breakfast on Sunday morning, we were treated like royalty. The weekend was one that both Crystal and I will not soon forget.


On the weekend of March 15th, we will be at the Olympia Yacht Club for their Junior Officers’ Ball which will be the last JO Ball until we start up again with the final 7 in September of this year. Once again, we will be taking our boat and are looking forward to representing the Bremerton Yacht Club. All these parties and JO Balls are a lot of very hard work but we are pleased to be able to do it on behalf of all the fine Members of the BYC!

With warm personal regards,
Ray Norton