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Feb 2013


Rule # 1: Use your good judgment in all situations. There will be no additional rules.
Nordstrom Employee Manual


It wasn’t long ago that the “sound system” for the Club consisted of one microphone, a small amplifier that sometimes worked and sometimes didn’t and a couple of marginal speakers. I recall that everyone who needed/wanted to use “the” microphone (and those that didn’t) having to share the one or, then two, microphones that were available and the Bridge Officers having to pass the microphone back and forth every time someone had something to say at each General Membership meeting. Thanks to the concerted efforts of Gary Williams over the past few years, we now have a sound system that not only has a dedicated microphone for all of five of the officers at each General Membership meeting but we also have a dedicated microphone for the Members to use. In addition, we have radio and CD playing capabilities for events as well as speakers placed for optimal broadcasting of voice and music. Those of us that have been around long enough to remember (or forget) the way it used to be thank Gary for his diligent efforts and success in dramatically improving our communications system.


The Annual Officer’s Cruise-In was held the weekend of January 12th at the Queen City Yacht Club outstation in Eagle Harbor. This annual event is another opportunity for all of the Commodores, Vice Commodores and Rear Commodores of the Grand 14 to get together and work really hard on behalf of our respective Clubs. It is such a grueling event that of the 42 couples invited to attend (3 each representing each of the Grand 14 Clubs) only 3 did/could not make it. If those three had not been either recuperating from heart surgery or tending to conflicting engagements, they most certainly would have been there as well because, like the rest of us, they all like the hard work and high pressure environment our gatherings are known for. Actually, it was just another in a long line of Grand 14 social events that allowed all of us who, as a result of our Grand 14 association, have become good friends to enjoy another occasion to eat, drink and play together. The highlight of the weekend was the “Roasting” of the Commodores from each Club by their respective Vice and Rear Commodores. With ongoing events such as these Cruise-Ins and with all the great new friendships Crystal and I have made as a result of our decision to “go through the Chairs”, I pity those who have in the past and might in the future decline the same opportunity!


In the greater Puget Sound area there are only three major boating activities each year: Bremerton Yacht Club’s “Heavy Weather” event in February, Tacoma Yacht Club’s Daffodil Celebration in April and the Seattle Yacht Club’s “Opening Day’ celebration in May. While the Commodore and Vice Commodore will no doubt address in this issue of the Towline the importance of this “all hands” event (Heavy Weather) to the BYC, I want to put the focus on the importance of the event to the greater boating community of Puget Sound by reminding (or informing) you of the significance of being one of the “Big 3” events each year. All eyes are on the BYC that weekend each year and to put this event on and show off our Club and our Members to the rest of the boating community, we truly need “all hands on deck”. Please do not wait to be asked to participate. There are many responsibilities that can be managed by an individual, a team or a group. So please contact one of the Bridge Officers using the links below and offer to help. The more you participate in Club events, the more you will get out of being a Member of the best Yacht Club in Puget Sound.

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Rear Commodore Ray Norton –

With warm personal regards,
Ray Norton