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Reports from the Bridge

Jul 2012

Just as the activity around the club seems to be picking up with the arrival of our “snowbirds” and the warmer rain, it’s time that people start heading out on their boats and things start to quiet down again. Of course one of the activities that had so many of our members busy was the finishing of the new deck just in time for the Commodore’s Ball honoring now X-Commodore (plus PC) Leo and Stacy Longenecker. PC Don Floyd, and Captains Troy Landis and Jerry Sengstock spearheaded the construction of the deck following all of the preliminary planning and permitting work done by Captain Mark Danielsen, well done gentlemen. The Commodore’s Ball was a wonderful evening thanks to the planning of PC John and Denise Rosendale and the fabulous galley work headed up by Jytte Wheeler, if you missed it you missed a good one, thank you all that made it happen.

Bev and I just attended the last of the Junior Officer’s Balls for our Grand 14 class at Queen City Yacht Club. As always, QCYC hosted a fun event in welcoming the Officers of the Grand 14. Speaking of QCYC, don’t forget about the “Big Brother Cruise” the weekend of July 13-15 with Queen City Yacht Club hosted here at BYC. Fleet Captain Paula Lewis has planned plenty of activities and promises to be a fun weekend.

I recently attended one of the Marina Investment Committee meetings to see what progress was being made on refurbishment or repairs to our docks. I was blown away by tremendous amount of thought and detail these men have put into this project and they really aren’t even to the stage where they can make any suggestions to the Executive Committee. We are a point in time where the Club will need to decide if simply replacing dock floats is the right thing to do or do we take this opportunity to reconfigure some of our dock and pier arrangements so as to accommodate the larger boats some of our members are getting? If you have any particular skill set that may be handy in helping to make theses decisions please make yourself available to this committee headed up by Captain Bob Lewis. Also they are looking for people to help with individual research tasks, ask how you can help out. We have big decisions and a big job ahead of us.

I hope those of you that have cruising plans for the summer have a trouble free cruise with many memorable adventures.

Hope to see you around the Club,

Rob Bruins