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Reports from the Bridge

Jun 2012

Talk about hitting the floor running, it seemed like we had just finished cleaning up from the installation of Friday night and suddenly I was chairing my first meeting the following Monday. First off I want to thank Lynn Rumbold for chairing the Officers Installation function. Lynn and her committee did an outstanding job preparing and serving finger food prior to the ceremony and the presentation and serving of the cake following the toast at the conclusion of the ceremony. I was honored to have Past Commodore Paul Earsley serve as the Installing Officer and Past Commodore Bob Bachman serve as the Officer of the Deck. Thanks also go out to the Bridge Officers of Poulsbo Yacht Club and Bos’uns Mate 1st Class Jayson Seachord for being part of our installation ceremony. Bev and I are looking forward to this coming year and working with Vice Commodore Mona-Lisa and Mike Ryan and Rear Commodore Ray and Crystal Norton in providing social activities that are fun and inviting for our members.

I’m pleased to announce my supporting staff; Captain Paula Lewis as agreed to be Fleet Captain, Captain Steve Brett is our Regatta for Power Chairman, Captain Jay Spearman is our Regatta for Sail Chairman, Captain Cathryn Perry is our Fleet Surgeon and PC John Rosendale will serve as our Fleet Chaplin. Additionally, Jean Muenzenberger is our Membership Chair, Devon Reeves will continue as Advertising/Publicity Chair, and Warren deCamp has agreed to continue on as Towline Editor.

I understand that as Commodore, I become the point of contact for most all issues as far as the membership is concerned. While I welcome your input, please realize that at BYC we have committees in place that have responsibilities for most all areas of concerns and in many incidences I will be referring your concerns to the appropriate committees for action or bring them to the attention of the Executive Committee.

Looking ahead, plan on attending “Big Brother Cruise” the weekend of July 13-15 with Queen City Yacht Club hosted here at BYC this year. Fleet Captain Paula Lewis has planned plenty of activities. Please come out and welcome QCYC and make them feel at home and enjoy our wonderful facilities.

On behalf of Bev and myself, thank you for your continued support and thank you for the privilege and honor of representing Bremerton Yacht Club as we travel around the beautiful Puget Sound.

Hope to see you around the Club,

Rob Bruins