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Reports from the Bridge

May 2013

May is always a busy month here at BYC. The May 6th meeting will be election night and what I’m sure will be a lively discussion on the budget. Please take the time to review the budget, access to it is front and center on the BYC Home Page on the internet. Of course, before that meeting we will have had the opportunity to enjoy the annual “Opening Day” activities in Seattle. Friday evening on May 10th will be our BYC “Awards Night”. Jytte Wheeler has planned what I’m sure will be a delicious light dinner before we honor those that have given so much to our club. Then a week later, May 17th, will be Installation of Officers and thus the end of my term as Commodore.

Looking back at April, we had a very successful work party weekend thanks to the organizational skills of our work party chair, Jim Minard. The Skipperettes had their annual “Skipper’s Night” and welcomed Gary Williams and P/C Mike Dunn into their group of Skupperettes. Roy Holland gave an interesting presentation on reciprocal moorage and the new internet site that lists all the possibilities. A number of us made our way down to Tacoma to enjoy the Daffodil Festival. We again co-hosted “Easy Pickins’” with Port Orchard Yacht Club, hopefully our log racers swept all the prizes. And, Bev and I continued our journey of Grand 14 Commodore Balls by attending those at Day Island and Poulsbo, we have three more to enjoy.

It is important that every member take the time to verify that BYC has all the correct contact information on how to reach you. Please go the website, click on “Members”, go the bottom of the drop down page and click “Edit Your Account” and make sure everything is correct. Make sure we have your current e-mail address, as that is how you will be receiving notices and announcements such as when the monthly Towline is available.

It is hard to believe that three years have gone by so quickly since Bev and I started our journey through the chairs. We appreciate being able to follow P/C John and Denise Rosendale and P/C2

Leo and Stacy Longenecker as their leadership and friendship helped guide us. We appreciated the support from our Junior Officers, Vice Commodore Mona-Lisa and Mike Ryan and Rear Commodore Ray and Crystal Norton and I can only hope that we have been able to pass on some of the guidance we have received through the years. There are so many members that have gone above and beyond in their supporting us and BYC that it is impossible to name them all. I plan on writing another entry next month naming the recipients of the many awards I’m honored to present.

Thank you so much for your support for the last three years. Bev and I hope to see you all at the Commodore Ball on June 8th.

See you around the club,
Rob Bruins