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Reports from the Bridge

Jan 2013

Well the holiday season is behind us, I hope you all had a memorable Christmas. I don’t think the smile has left Bev’s face as we got to spend some time with our twin grandsons. Who knew the next generation would be so much fun to spoil.

I have a ton of people to thank for making things so festive for our BYC family. Last month started off with Vice Commodore Ryan chairing the Special Peoples Cruise and I want to recognize Flo Floyd as being this year’s recipient of the “Jack DeWitt Memorial Award”. Rear Commodore Norton coordinated the decorating of the clubhouse and Family Christmas Party. Nancy Haustveit, Stacy Longenecker and the Skipperettes all did a beautiful job in decorating this year and Trina Carlson coordinated and kept the kids busy at the party. P/C Charlie Billings was right at home filling in for Santa at both the party and Special Peoples. Our Fleet Captain, Paula Lewis, worked with the R/C Norton on coordinating the Lighted Boat Parade and special thanks go out to Steve Brett for being the lead “Rudolph” boat, Rich Hunt for being our depth sounder, and Dick Nelson for being our “Santa” boat. Thank you also to each of you that brought out your boat for to represent BYC at these events. The Christmas dinner was presented by all of your elected officers, bridge & E-Committee as well as my appointed flag officers. Past Commodores Rosendale and Longenecker with Denise and Stacy presented the punch bowls. Silva Wilson and Joan Vehrs were at the door checking people in and Abby Dunn made the cranberry relish. Special thanks to David & Debbie Gonzalez and Al Gonzalez for serving as galley bosses. R/C Norton served as Santa’s “emissary” and presenting some fun gifts and the evening ended with the “Jaygbirds” barbershop quartet group. Extra Special thanks for all Bev did to organize and guide me through the entire event. Generally we bridge officers try to only comment and thank folks that are under our assignments if you will, and I know I’ve duplicated acknowledgements you will see elsewhere in this issue but we can’t say thank you enough to all those that step up and help out, and I know I’m still going to leave someone deserving out.

Thanks to the efforts of Regatta for Sail Chairman, Jay Spearman, ten BYC members were able to tour the Vessel Traffic System at the Seattle Coast Guard station last month. It was very informative and eye opening to see how Homeland Security mans and controls vessel movements in Puget Sound, there is way more to it than you can imagine. They encourage pleasure craft to hail them on the radio and state your intentions as you cross traffic lanes or want to know what traffic is in the area you need to avoid.

Don’t forget the railway sign-up will take place at the January 7th Regular Business Meeting. On Wednesday, January 9th, Dr Bret Yeik will present a seminar on “Pets on Board”, about boating with pets at 1900. The “First of Season” navigational contest will be at Queen City Yacht Club on January 19th and we will have a BYC club event on Saturday the 26th.

Bremerton Yacht Club has some serious soul searching and decisions to make in the near future. The Marina Investment Committee has done an outstanding job of researching our options as to repair or replace our aging floats by assessing our current conditions. Their report is now posted on the BYC website and presents their recommendations. The Executive Committee has been given a complete presentation and the committee will give a briefing at the January 7th General Business meeting. No matter how we proceed it is going to cost more than we have set aside the past couple of years and we are going to need thoughtful input as to how we are to proceed. And then there’s the clubhouse remodeling to better utilize the space that used to be the apartment. Please take the time to review the conceptual drawings in the lounge and write your constructive comments right on the drawing for all to consider.

What do you want for the future of Bremerton Yacht Club? If you are part of those few memberships that regularly attend meetings, you know that the last few meetings when we had decisions to make we had the minimum number of memberships attending to make our quorum. So thirty memberships are making the decisions, that is electing officers, amending By-Laws and Regulations and making budget decisions. According to Robert’s Rules, “Voting isn’t just a right of membership; it’s your duty to vote when you have an option about a matter being decided. By failing to vote, you allow others to make the decision, which is the same as having voted for the prevailing side. Whether you vote or not, you’re still in some way responsible for the decision that’s made.” Of course the only way you can vote is to attend the meetings. I’m certainly hoping that as we address matters of marina reconfiguration, clubhouse remodeling and associated funding issues we hear from a much larger percentage of members. This is serious business and everyone here will be affected.

Bev and I continue to be honored to represent BYC around the sound and look forward to seeing you at the upcoming BYC events.

Hope to see you around the Club,
Rob Bruins