Reports from the Bridge

May 2012

As incredible as it may seem, this is the last of my reports as Vice Commodore. It doesn’t seem possible that another year has already past by. But there is still plenty ahead of us with our social calendar. As I write this, the “Experience the Taste of Puerto Rican Cuisine” is still in the future, but I’m sure that with the efforts of Captain Al & Joanne Gonzalez and their committee it will have been one of those events that is talked about for some time. Thanks go out to all those that presented this event and those that attended.

May 7th will be election night at BYC. The Nominating Committee has presented an outstanding roster of candidates and I hope everyone attends the election night meeting to choose and support those to represent your interests.

May 18th will be our annual Installation of Officers. Please join us to honor those that have served BYC in leadership positions and support those entering into new positions. There will be light hors-d’euvres and refreshments from 1830 until the installation ceremony at 1900 followed by cake and champagne and then party on the docks with your new bridge. Hope to see everyone there.

Memorial Day weekend at Oro Bay promises to be fun as out-going Fleet Captain Trina Carlson and in-coming Fleet Captain Paula Lewis organize this traditional event.

Looking ahead, if you don’t have extended cruising plans, plan on attending the “Big Brother Cruise” the week end of July 13-15 with Queen City Yacht Club hosted here at BYC this year. There will be plenty of activities to welcome QCYC and enjoy our wonderful facilities.

I’d like to thank all those that have made this year as Vice Commodore so memorable. Thanks especially to the following chair persons and their committees that put on the Salmon Feed, J.D. Weiner, Oktoberfest, P/C Bob and Jytte Wheeler, New Member’s Night, Deana Brett and Bev, the Taco Feed, Jan Cordodor, the Crab Feed, Bret and Lynetta Halffman, and the Puerto Rican Night, Al and Joanne Gonzalez. Thanks also to Commodore Leo and Stacy Longenecker for their guidance through this journey, to Rear Commodore Mona-Lisa and Mike Ryan for their support, the support of the Executive Committee and the advice and console of numerous Past Commodores. Not to be forgotten would be the steadfast support of my wife, Beverly. We are both enjoying this adventure through the chairs more than we ever thought imaginable.

Lastly, Bev and I would like to thank our BYC family for your cards, flowers, phone calls, visits and support following my recent surgery and recovery. The out pouring of support for us and other BYC members in difficult times is what makes BYC the family it has become to us and many others.

Hope to see you around the Club,

Rob Bruins