Reports from the Bridge

Mar 2012

If you ask most anyone around BYC what happens in February and they will probably say “Heavy Weather”. But while “Heavy Weather” may be one of the “majors” on our calendar there are many that equally look forward to the “Crab Feed” and again this year, Brett and Lynetta Halffman and their committee did a stellar job serving up some tasty crustaceans. Just before February arrived Jan Cordodor and her committee set the tone with another of the great “Taco Feeds”. Thank you to the members of these committees and to the members that came out to support these fun traditional events.

Heavy Weather did not disappoint this year again as the racers were challenged on the waters by winds and currents and BYC put it’s best foot forward in welcoming guests and members alike with great food and entertainment. I want to thank my wife Bev for chairing the Friday evening “Potato Bake” and putting together a wonderful committee to make it all happen. The committee consisted of Bob and Cheryl VanGeystel, new members Sonny and Kristin Gonzalez, Mary Lilly, Deana Brett and honorary member Laurie Von Ruden. Also stepping up and helping out was Steve Brett and Tammy Fransen with galley clean up, P/C Darin and Nancy Haustveit were ready to help out in whatever way needed and did, and unsung Gary Williams that kept the sound system working flawlessly through the entire weekend. Thank you all.

The Nomination Committee, chaired by Dick Nelson, is interested in talking to you if you would even consider expanding your involvement in running BYC. It takes all sorts of skills to make the club run and you may just be that missing piece of the puzzle that we need.

March will find us Junior Officers off to Tyee Yacht Club to partake in another of the fun filled Junior Officer Balls. With the thyme of “It’s hard to be Green” because of St Patrick’s Day, the sky is the limit and there are sure to be some interesting costumes.

See you around the Club,

Rob Bruins