Reports from the Bridge

Jun 2011

As I begin my new role as Vice Commodore, I look back on the year gone by and think of all those that helped make it so memorable. Please bare with me as I again recognize and say THANK YOU to all those that stepped up and took leadership roles at events this last year. The Picnics-in-the-Park during the summer were chaired by PC Gary and Jo Carr, Roger and Jackie Phillips with Jim Chiles leading the roasting of the pig, and Mike and Mona-Lisa Ryan. Sunday breakfasts were chaired by PC Don and Donna Park, Jan Cordodor and Mona-Lisa Ryan, Don Evans, and Bob and Marva McWaid. The Lighted Boat Parade was lead by Steve and Deana Brett while Dylan Knapp was our “Santa” aboard “Ocean Pearl” both nights. The Past Commodores decorated “Ocean Pearl” and provided me with guidance throughout the year. Thanks to all those that assisted in decorated and un-decorated the Clubhouse during the holiday season. Thanks to the Skipperettes for including the bridge in their feature events during the year and all they do for BYC. Jo Carr for organizing the Children’s Easter Party. The Executive Committee for their diligence in keeping BYC operating and moving forward. Past Commodore John and Denise Rosendale and Commodore Leo and Stacy Longenecker for their friendship and guidance. My standing committee chairs were: Reciprocity, Hank Willis. Galley, Mona-Lisa Ryan. Club Set-up, Don Park and Bob Lewis. Stewards, Babs Miller and Marilyn Venable. Thanks to all those that served on committees in support of these mentioned event chairpersons. Thanks to the entire membership for encouragement, support, and friendship. And of course, Bev for always being there for everything (She’s having a blast).

This coming year we will be sharing our experiences with Rear Commodore Mona-Lisa and Mike Ryan and continue to support and learn from Commodore Leo and Stacy Longenecker. Mark your calendars so that you don’t miss out on the Salmon Bake in September, Oktoberfest, New Member’s Night in November, the Taco Feed in January, the Crab Feed in February and a new event with Puerto Rican cuisine hosted by Al Gonzalez in April.

Here’s hoping for a dry and warm summer that provides ample opportunities to get out on the water and enjoy the camaraderie that is part of being a BYC member. I can tell you, the more you can share your experiences the more enjoyable those experiences are. Hopefully we’ll see you on the water.

Rob Bruins

Vice Commodore